• Zeb Stark

    That one started great, but they went overboard, which advertisers during the Super Bowl are wont to do.

    Bud Light/Game of Thrones was my favorite. Jason Bateman in the elevator was also good.

    Outside of that, not a very memorable Super Bowl for commercials IMO.

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  • Zeb Stark

    What a dick. I hope he chokes.

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    This is likely to be the biggest story in Seattle until it's resolved. Here's Rob Staton's taek.

    1. His 2015 deal set a precedent

    he Seahawks and Wilson last began negotiating a contract extension after the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. A deal was expected to be a formality. Other quarterbacks like Cam Newton had set the market. Wilson was due a base salary of only $1.5m in 2015 because he was still on a third-round rookie contract.

    Everything was set up. Wilson no doubt sought proper financial compensation having reached two Super Bowls (winning one). The Seahawks wanted to keep a young franchise quarterback. The market had already provided the parameters for a deal.

    And yet it took months for an extension to be agreed.


    1. Why the odds are stacked against Seattle

    Wilson is now one of the richest and most successful NFL players in the league. Furthermore, he’s married to an incredibly wealthy and successful woman — forming a celebrity power couple.

    His base salary in 2019 is $17m — not $1.5m. There’s simply no financial pressure to get a deal done this time.

    Adding to this is the Kirk Cousins situation. Previously the franchise tag was seen as a hindrance to players. It was a way to get a nice lump sum (guaranteed) for a years work — yet the lack of long term security was seen as a problem. Cousins completely changed the perception of the tag. He gambled on his own health and performance and made considerably more than most other quarterbacks by playing on the franchise tag year after year. And when the increasing cost became too rich for the Redskins — they allowed Cousins to test the open market.

    Cousins had his cake and ate it.


    1. How can the Seahawks gain any kind of leverage?

    It’s really, really simple…

    Draft another quarterback.

    Not a seventh round pick either. Someone who they can realistically point to in a negotiation.


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  • Zeb Stark

    I wonder what kind of role K2 will have in this. That's a pretty fx heavy character for a streaming web series. I'll be super impressed if Disney goes all in on bringing K2 back to life at a cinematic level. The recent news that ILM will be doing fx work on the Mandalorian series is pretty encouraging.

    And then you have to wonder how much else from RO we'll see.... General Draven? Merrick? Mon Mothma? Galen Erso? Saw Gerrera? The list obviously goes on and on. Enfys Nest? Vader?? I imagine they'll stay mostly self-contained with not a lot of cameos from movie stuff.

    I'm stoked though, I've been a little down in the dumps lately at the lack of Star Wars stuff seeing as we're not getting a movie this Christmas for the first time in 3 years. So this is pretty cool news to get right now.

    So what are you more excited about, this one or The Mandalorian?

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  • Zeb Stark

    Love this idea! I know it probably doesn't seem all that interesting to the average viewer but if it feels anything like Rogue One in production style it could make for a great, dark & gritty series.

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    That judge Kavanaugh, he is something.

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