• Veda the Moor

    Just because the FO wants Russ.. why would he take less? Rather, that gives him more leverage.

    It's all well and good to say he's not Stafford but then.. where is the limit?

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  • Veda the Moor

    I would counter argue that Wilson probably feels he would be an exception not a rule as well.. he believes in himself and he will bet on himself. The only question to me really is if he can be persuaded that taking less is more. Taking less money so the team has success can lead to more earning potential. If the Seahawks are always a play off team but not a championship team.. endorsements will be less, visibility will be less. If football is a springboard to greater things, then he needs the visibility and post career cash flow that another Super Bowl or two would bring.

    People were thinking that 35 million a year that we used in another example was too high , but in the end it was probably too low as a theoretical start.

    So.. are you on board with RW at 38/39/40 million...?

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  • Veda the Moor

    Ive read it before and its an excellent primer. Even if it is by Matt Millen, who we might question as to his scouting abilities. ;)

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  • Veda the Moor

    Youve invited me before, but next time Im over Id love to go to a practice and check it out. Looks cool.

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  • Veda the Moor

    What are the rules , if you dont mind?

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  • Veda the Moor

    So..its all over the news. All over social media. All over everywhere..and its an interesting case study in how people get their news. Different people saw different video first, heard different rumors first, etc.

    The WORST take I heard was someone trying to say he had heard from a legit source that Nathan Phillips had approached the high school students who were just randomly singing their school song and tried to confront them. Of course, that take was always going to be ridiculous.. but when faced with the fact that Nathan Phillips is someone who is a Pipe Carer, has been awarded two eagle feathers, is a serious community leader.. well, it just shows the bad judgement people are making with their choice of sources.

    I am confused today by the change in takes and thats mostly what I want to talk about.

    Having watched the longer video, many people are saying they change their view points. I dont get this. Ive watched the longest video once and the key points of it several times.Ive watched all the shorter videos. Im still not seeing where we are meant to change our viewpoint. And then reading the release by the student featured most prominently in the video..the one with the grin on his face.. I am not inclined to rethink my position, but rather have it entrenched because a) the letter is obviously the work of a brain storming session and has been gone over by a lawyer and b) its obviously full of lies. And if he feels he needs to lie there, we know exactly that he knows what is being said is correct, the first time.

    Lies -- he didnt move so as to not provoke the Indian. The Indian isnt a fucking T Rex or bear or puma. Hes a person. When you want to defuse (or as the student wrote, "diffuse"...) a situation, among human beings you back up. Its what people of color are ALWAYS expected to do and always taught to do. Back up.

    Lies -- he smiled part of the time, to show friendship. He never smiles in a friendly manner. He has a mocking, condescending, trying to be a big man grin on his face nearly from beginning to end.

    Lies -- he didnt see anyone from his group acting aggressively or mockingly or in an insulting manner. But you watch the videos.. the videos people are now saying they see in a new light .. and you tomahawk chops, you hear and see people making fake "Indian war cries", you hear one student warning his classmates not to touch Mr. Phillips so we KNOW it was THAT CLOSE to taking that turn. You see a student arguing that "lands get stolen" so Indians should get over it.

    Im having trouble as well digesting the "its just kids" argument. They are 17. Most people making that argument probably would have counted those kids when we asked them how many people were in the anti abortion march the students had just been in.. but if we are saying 17 is too young to make a moral decision about how to treat an elderly peace maker playing a drum.. would we also argue they are too young to take part in an abortion protest? They are too young to make moral and ethical decisions right? They just make mistakes right? Too easily led astray? Hmm.

    We know that grin. that the student had. That condescending, "how quaint" attitude.. that knowing attitude ..he "knows" he's better. Now, part of that is being 17 I will admit. But we had better figure out what in mainstream American culture will produce this situation. And I dont want to overstate it.. no actual crimes were committed. But what kind of America do we think we have when this kind of thing happens. Now I get the other group there.. the hate group spouting homophobic and racist bullshit riled people up. But how does that turn into intimidating a small group of Indians, the leader of which is clearly trying to separate out and help the young men from doing something stupid to the antagonizing group.

    I dont want to overstate things. There was no crime committed really. And I am not calling for any expulsion, firing, or whatever. But just because something isnt a crime doesnt make it right. And the fact people are defending it..or pretending the larger context someone shows anything exonerating the kids is disturbing.

    Its just a sad state of affairs right now.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Im still going to watch it because its the Super Bowl. But Im not into it. Im not even into hating Brady anymore. I think its an interesting dynamic and Id love to see what his career would have been if he had played anywhere else, and Id like to see what Bellicheks career would have looked like if he never had Brady.

    Certain people are going to be insufferable if the Rams win but they will be learning the wrong lessons. Its not about whats the current fad in offenses.. its the fact that they pay peanuts for their QB and RBs, so they could over pay for everything else.

    Once again we have a Super Bowl of two teams not paying market value for QBs.

    I guess I slightly want the Patriots to win.. but its like saying "Id rather be shot in the head than stabbed in the heart".

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  • Veda the Moor

    I mean, realistically we are just talking about who holds the clipboard and calls the toss in overtime, but this is an interesting signing. He had some tools to make people value him where they did. And more than most positions, QBs can benefit from sitting and watching and learning.. could be a decent pick up.

    I was sad to see Alex McGough went to Jax. Thought he had potential in our system and that we were a good landing spot for him.

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