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    Well, today at 3:33pm my cat, Blitz died. Decided to post here, because its my new community and its a good place to be self indulgent. I just feel the need to .. express..something.. because he was much more than a cat and much more than a pet to me, as so often is true.

    Good bye, Blitz -- opener of doors, shaker of hands, converter of cat haters. Enemy of the laser light and the occasional bird on the balcony. I taught you tricks people say cats don't learn, but in the end you taught me much more than I ever taught you.

    You taught me about real love, the love where you give more than you get sometimes, where its not just about how you feel but what you do.

    You taught me sometimes a warm patch of sunlight is sometimes all you can or should expect from a day, and that you have to pay attention because that patch will move.

    You taught me how to enjoy hours of being together but never having to say a word.

    And Blitz, despite being a cat you knew how to make me feel special -- showing me that you would bite anyone (some people just playfully or softly), but never me. Showing me that no one had your trust like I did in so many ways.

    I will never forget realizing you were smart enough to play hide and seek, will never forget your determination to jump ever higher when we played catch with your plastic hooks. I will never forget my surprise when I found you had learned not just to open doors but to unlock the front door.

    When you were just 1 year old and the doctor told me you had an unknown autoimmune disease and were going to die that day most likely I had never cried so much in one day, until today. But that autoimmune disease couldn't get you. You fought and fought..and despite daily steroid pills for years, you lived and thrived. That illness would rear its ugly head. For years you were hospitalized at least once a year.. but you also survived and we had our many adventures together.

    I hope you happy, my friend, my buddy, my familiar. I did my best. You were just 8 years old and 9 months.. far too short a time to share with me and far shorter than many cats. But we always knew your time would be shorter I guess, But we had travels, and gourmet meals, and chased crows, and taught dogs lessons, didn't we?

    You were the best and I will miss you every day. I cant even convince myself to go to bed tonight because I wont get to pick you up and bring you will me and watch you curl up at my feet -- never invasive, but always there.

    I could not have asked for a better companion and Ive always wondered at how lucky I was that life brought you to me. You shallow breaths today were torture for me to see today, Blitz, I'm sorry the end , when it came, came with such suddenness. But even these last two weeks as you faded out I hope you found something to treasure, as much as I did. I love you Blitz, and I will never be ashamed to say that.

    I hope you had the time of your life.

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    8 of 11 defensive starters for Seattle have made the Pro Bowl.

    That doesn't include Frank Clark who had 10 sacks last year.

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    We are still but hopeful we can grow. Ok glad you appreciate our little corner of positivity or st least constructivrness. I'm
    particularly glad because about a year ago when we first started toying with the idea of creating a website to go with out podcast one of the things I was really focused on was creating a place that sort of mirrored Seahawk philosophy. We don't feel compelled to pander to a bunch of mindless negativity. We want to talk football and Seahawks, and even bad news can be discussed with an even keel.

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    Problem with "next year " is we used some of next years money to pay for this year. Every contract we renegotiated to turn base salary from this year into bonus money is more money that counts against the cap NEXT year. And we have a ton of players whose contracts are up. Next year there will be a player or two we want to keep but have to let go because we restricted this year to get Sheldon Richardson and whomever else (I feel like there is at least one other player we restructured contracts for but can't remember). Our window isn't closing but there are definite signs we were more all in for THIS year than usual.

    It's a shame how it's ending up because there is opportunity there for sure this year.

    I want some serious rethinking of the coaching staff and some serious honest player evaluations. Is everyone earning their contract?

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    A little worried about how much this will cut into batting practice...

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    7 sacks and an INT last season so he's adjusted to his situation I would think.

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    "My people came to me, Dan Coats came to me and some others, they said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin; he just said it's not Russia. I will say this: I don't see any reason why it would be."

    So.. he literally just took the word of the Russian president over all the US intelligence gathering apparatus.

    Seriously. How did we get here? How did partisan politics get so bad that this happens? Republicans who if anything used to go a bit TOO far in being anti Russian/Soviet.. are now fine with them if the alternative is anything remotely positive about Democrats? And that wouldnt even what this would be saying. NO ONE IS saying to Trump he would lose the office if he admitted this.. but he will go around and say 3 million people voted illegally...and undermine democracy THAT way because he needs it to feed his ego..

    So how inspired and hard working and motivated do we think the CIA, NSA, etc is today? Not as they exist in the movies. How they exist in real life.. how is the case officer today in Seoul going to feel about information coming across his desk when the President just said he wont believe it anyway? We are now banking on the professionalism of some of these institutions because they are getting no backing, respect or credit from the excecutive branch.

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    Second day of training camp had a similar vibe to the first day, with slightly better weather courtesy of a nice breeze off the lake.

    I arrived even earlier than yesterday because mysteriously there was no traffic on the Accursed 167 North.

    As yesterday, the crowd wasnt as big as in some years past. People arriving at 10am in the past wouldnt have a decent place to sit, but today late arrivals were still finding good locations with enough space to even put down a chair. Really, to me thats better. I think I prefer being there when it feels "smaller".

    On to the practice.. will make specific player notes, then general practice/team type notes, then just some random things.

    FIrst thing I should note is that yesterday and today the players practiced in helmets but no pads at all, not even shells. Sunday will be the first practice in pads.

    Chris Carson got the 1st carries today and man does he look so good so far. He is bigger and faster. He looks a bit like Good Rawls.

    Penny took a lot of first team snaps as well. Didnt have any "ooooohhhh" moments like his catch yesterday but he looked good, and runs so smooth.

    Mike Davis, Prosise and McKissic all were used a lot and you get the sense when cuts are made there are going to be some real hard choices.

    Brandon Marshall participated in some team drills today and made a real nice catch on a slant where he got himself open in the first 4 steps off the line and had the CB boxed out.

    Austin Davis was skipped in a couple different drills but in a late drill he took reps ahead of McGough.

    The safety positions are being treated more interchangably than in the past and all kinds of combos are being tried. The roster may list someone as a SS or a FS but that has little to do with where they might play right now. McDougal is super solid but I had the impression he is best suited to be the number back up at both positions. He is supposed to be fast and when he took over for Kam last year he proved better in coverage..but there just seems to be a lack of dynamic play making ability there.

    T2 (Tedric Thomspon), Hill and even CB Mike Tyson played a lot in Earl's spot. None of them looked spectacular. T2 is maybe my favorite.

    Austin Davis had a good pass to Mike Davis , and the running back seems to sense he is in a tenuous position and is giving it his all. He has been in this position most of his career so count him out at your peril.

    Austin later had a good pass in a tight window to Lockett who dove for the catch. This play was most notable to me for showing how up tempo practice is.. Lockett laid out for catch, made a good one..and sort of lay there for a moment.. both to recover and let us take in how awesome the play was. Baldwin came over IMMEDIATELY to get him off the field so the next rep could happen FAST.

    Highlight of the day, and it wasnt a super highight, was probably a catch by WR Moore against CB Akeem King. Moore had a good practice.

    McGough is trying hard. Yesterday I failed to mention he messed up a cadence at one point and just STOPPED.. today there was another issue. Its possible it wasnt his fault, but if it wasnt it meant 3 other players messed up so odds are it was McGough. He called a play in the huddle and the receivers really had no idea where to line up. The coaching staff tried to get them lined up but it was too late and the play was "canceled" and Wilson took a rep next instead.

    TE Vannett sees theyve brought in Dickson.. drafted Dissly.. and isnt conceding anything. He made some good catches today, and is dialed in. Hard to evaluate the blocking but he looks real comfortable.

    Ifedi had 1 maybe 2 false start penalties.

    Marcus Johnson and Cyril Grayson both had good days.. and Grayson is still McGough's go to guy so far..which is interesting as small speedsters arent usually the type that become back up or rookie QBs favorite target.

    That was it as far as real player notes go.. a lot of drills today werent conducive to learning or seeing anything..including about 15 minutes of stretching...

    General Team notes:

    As I talked about earlier, the tempo and energy is so high. Reps come quick, breaks between drills are kept short, players encourage each other to get to the next rep.

    Lots of penalties today..maybe not unexpected. Interesting thing.. if you commit a pre snap penalty, you lose your rep to the next man up.

    Lots of safety blitzes today.. at least 2 would have been sacks.

    Its hard to see the QBs sometimes because they always practice on the far side, but there continue to be lots of screens being worked on and few formations I havent seen much of in the past.

    Good to see real teaching going on..often the NFL coaching is just telling players to do things right and assuming they know what that is.. but Seahawk coaches are RIGHT THERE. The OC was right in there with the QBs, and Ken Norton Jr personally was helping players with their handwork in a DL handwork drill.

    And just the Random:

    There was a person wearing a Lockett jersey.. the name and number were correct but it was a Colts jersey. Not sure what that is about.

    Now, I have been known to wear pink or purple dress shirts myself..but there was a fan wearing a pink, sparkly , bedazzled Wilson jersey today. Not sure what THAT was about.

    Sat next to 2 very nice gentlemen. They had a weird conversation though.. So, the Seahawks DC is Ken Norton Jr. and most people know his dad was Ken Norton the boxer , who once beat Muhammed Ali. The 2 gentlemen somehow halfway through the day started calling Ken Norton Jr. by a new name.. George Foreman Jr..... and then started discussing his father.. George Foreman.. and trying to figure out if he was still alive. It was ..weird.

    SO that is my report on day 2. Again, any questions and I will try to answer.

    Next practice is Sunday and I will be there with @sammyc521 !

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    Day 4 started out not as hot, but quickly got hotter than previous days, both in temperature and action on the field.

    Sadly, today most of the action ended up being on the far field and I had chosen a seat further down the berm so I didnt have an ideal angle for some things.

    Here are my notes and observations, in the usual order: player specific first, then team and scheme notes, then general and random things.

    For reference.. todays practice was helmets no pads..which means once again its hard to tell some things. This must drive coaches crazy.

    First off.. some players didnt participate: Baldwin is the most noticeable. Second day in a row and his left leg is wrapped. Caleb Scott.. sporting jerey #10 didnt participate. Hes already a fringe player and missing a day is going to make his position even more tenuous..especially with 15 receivers on the squad. Moore was in active and that is too bad because he was starting to flash.

    Brandon Marshall spent the first half of practice catching for QB drills rather than doing the rather more intense WR vs CB drills.. but he still took it seriously. When he dropped a pass in front of the crowd at one point, he dropped and did push ups then asked for another over the shoulder pass, which he handily caught.. His drop had elicited a reaction from the crowd so he appealed, and got applause for his catch.. not in a douchey way, he was just playing around. Watching him today I changed my opinion..earlier I had thought if he made the team it would be a bad sign about the young WRs..but now I think I want to keep Marshall. He is a different guy than in his youth, and I dare say, a leader in how he carries himself and a valuable presence. I hope there is space for him.

    McDougald played FS safety and Alexander SS today as the nominal starters. Not really my preferred combination but it didnt show any liabities. I didnt really see it as having much upside either.

    T2 is quickly becoming my favorite. He nearly had another pick today. He is the biggest ball hawk in the DBs..he got burned today on one play but he flies around and is always around the ball.

    Wagner and KJ are obviously the starters..today the 3rd LB position was rotated between Mingo and Martin.

    There was a pretty interesting / telling drill with 1 DB vs 1 WR , being thrown to by the QBs. Some quick results:

    Jaron Brown beat Akeem King handily. Havent seen much to indicate King is going to make it..

    Lockett was the best player in the drill.

    Marshall ran a slant and again boxed out the defender handily.

    McEvoy isnt having a great camp and Mike Tyson blanketed him in this drill.

    Tre Flowers committed PI on WR Johnson during the drill and STILL didnt prevent the catch.

    During a later drill for the second day in a row Reynolds made impact plays including a fingertip grab for a td.

    Wilson threw 2 INTs today in drills that were semi-realistic.. once by Byron Maxwell in the Red Zone and another when Shaquem Griffin baited him. Shaquem is proving to be a bargain as a 5th rounder. They will find ways to get him on the field..he is a play maker.

    I promised to try to check out the Line today and I did my best..though it cost me looks at the offense.

    In one on one and two on two drills I came away with the following notes:

    Duane Brown beat Marcus Smith II over and over again.
    Avery Young looked good vs 2nd and 3rd team DL.
    Quinton Jefferson beat his man every time in these drills.
    Jamarco Jones surprisingly held his own vs everyone, including KJ Wright.
    Ethan Pocic played kind of chippy and I was somehow surprised at that. Green objected at one point but it didnt "escalate".

    In 2 minute drills Prosise is the favored back. Austin Davis got first reps after Wilson and the drill just went NO where. Tomorrow I would bet McGough gets his place back. Wilson ended his 2 min drill with a 40 yard TD to Jaron Brown, who showed well today for the first time so far.

    That was it for players..

    Team notes:

    There were designed QB draw plays being called today. Ive wanted those for years.

    Solari is SUPER hands on in coaching up his linemen and is really expressive with it. Im not an OL guy by any means but I would say Solari's approach suits the talents of the group we have.

    And my random stuff:

    Not much weirdness to be found today.. mostly limited to:

    1. they played the Imperial March during practice as one of the songs.. that was random.

    2. the DJ played an awful cover of "Summertime" (original by Will Smith) by ..someone. Man, just play the original.

    3. The two older women next to me spent the second half of practice talking about how their friend believes the End of Days is coming so didnt join them at Training Camp this year. Seriously.

    Ok.. tomorrow hopefully practice is on the near side field. Tomorrow is the last day I can attend..Wednesday I fly back to Tokyo!

    Get your questions or requests for things to watch in tonight!

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    Prosise has the talent but he just doesnt have every down back appeal.. Not saying hes purely a 3rd down guy at all..but hes not going to get 12 carries a game.

    I think through 6 games Lacy will have the most CARRIES.. by the end of the season Rawls will have overtaken him.

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    Honestly? I like the little blurbs on Seahawks.com about what the DJ was playing.

    Oh. That and.. like Zeb said.. all of it.RBS, Dbs,OL...

    Bad year to not be able to attend..:(

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    @zeb-stark said in Beautiful football jerseys:

    Do you wear them? Or just collect them?

    This is essentially the same as asking "do you play with the figures or keep them in the package?", right?

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    Totally agree, thats what I was alluding to during out podcast. Football practice isnt a knitting class, it isnt debate class, it isnt alter boy practice. Its a different culture and calling out mistakes in the heat of the moment like that isnt particularly rare and certainly doesnt have the same implications or consequences as it would in any non-sports type situation.

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    Ah. You said hes not "all in". I said that you said he wasnt dedicated. Yea. Way off. My apologies.

    Again, how is he any more not all in than any number of players? And again, why wont you answer the question -- is a not all in Kaep worse than Ryan Mallet? McCowen?

    You took a tweet out of context and from the middle of June.. his social work is related to teaching children their rights. He sent a relevant tweet. If you notice, the pace of his tweeting is way down. And the them is more mature.

    So, back when he was a 49er and he was CONSTANTLY tweeting douche bag stuff.. himself with hundreds of pairs of shoes, or all his bling or his resort vacations, or him in a jacuzzi, or him in a freaking MIAMI DOLPHINS hat.. THAT isnt a problem. But if he matures, if he starts taking an adult interest in the society around him.. THATS a problem? NOW he cant throw a football or run like a freaking gazelle?

    Other players can spend the offseason doing USO tours, during tours of Africa, trying new diets, doing tv shows, doing movies, writing books... Cutler RETIRED -- but HE was all in apparently..

    Its all a coincidence. Of course..that no one other than the Seahawks will even meet him. RGIII.. who went out and made a brand of his name and a logo.. that guy is all in on the team game of football..but Kaep isnt because..he didnt use twitter to get a job...

    Meanwhile, real articles during the offseason by people who actually know and who actually spend time with him..

    I mean.. as you say.. you dont know. But everyone who KNOWS him says he is in. SO why dont you take players, trainers, coaches words for it? Because of his twitter account?

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    My interpretation of this week as an image. Goal is to make this a weekly thing

    All business as Seattle starts the race to the Superb Owl.


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    They hoped they could get Williams to the practice squad..though that seems a bit of a far fetched hope. Williams was a Sports Center fixture during preseason..

    Talks about how strongly the Jets wanted Kearse.. and more. Good read to summarize, and if you have any lingering feelings about the Kasen cut it seems to help get over that. Im not up in arms or anything but I was disappointed, but just listening to Pete talk about (well..reading..but I read it in his voice!) helped me get over the last of the lingering negativity.

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    Not sure Im in the right frame of mine to add my thoughts on this tonight but am going to try.

    I agree with you @Birdfinger . This should not cost the man his job.

    Couple of things.. I feel that in America these days people are WAY too fast to demand someones job. I get it. It sounds awesome. Its a great reaction. It feels right. But costing someone their job, uprooting their family, tearing down their life -- this shouldnt be done lightly. And not every error of judgement or giving into the baser instincts really deserves this deep "outrage". I would LOVE to know how many people who are outraged by this have themselves engaged in the same or similar behavior. Lets face it, there are no shortage of massage parlors and SOMEONE is a customer.

    But that also feels like where the US is at and I have no idea how to fight or consciously guide the zeitgeist.

    These days we take anything that is morally questionable and hold it up as if the person who commits that act were a deep, deep criminal. We ignore instincts. Instincts are NOT an excuse for behavior at all. Our greatest attribute as humans is that we are not pure slaves to instinct. But we vastly over rate as well our ability to over come it. We react to something like this with super outrage, and will go so far as to call it sexist, exploitive behavior. But its not like Mitch Levy came to this decision to do the behavior based on a deep desirte to degrade women or whatnot. He was horny. Millions of years of natural selection have done that.. and by some accident of upbringing, genes, environment..this time he gave into the easiest way to meet the desire. He may have even chosen this path to avoid a more damaging affair.

    Once upon a time a public mea culpa would be enough. Today it costs him his job and I dont think that is justice. Rather it lets a certain segment of society feel better about themselves and their supposed commitment to a better society..

    But ignoring what we really are, what humans are causes way more harm that would have been bought for that 160 dollars.

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    Too sleepy to jump fully into this..

    I will say its weird that you would think its not an over reaction. And youre falling into the same trap of bad police training, thinking everything is mortal threat, not considering their first and foremost job isnt serving and protecting but imposing their will, essentially acting like an occupation force rather than a part of the community.

    As you noted Austin, things mostly have calmed.. you say weve seen many cases where at that moment the shooter does something or other..

    But this is minutes into it.. do we actually have cases of a shooter shooting..then stopping.. hiding with the rest of the crowd.. then when things calm down running for the door, without a weapon in hand? Is the lack of weapon in hand relevant? Shouldnt police be trained into what civilian reactions as well, so as to not mistake things? Werent the police moments earlier telling people to leave? THEN telling some to stay.. So wouldnt we assume there would be some confused reactions? When they were saying to stay there are a handful of people who and there who dont stay and apparently leave.. though not running maybe.. hard to say we see just the first step or two.. are they detained?

    This is the hardest part for me.. that America has become like this. That this is a normal arrest and people will defend it. The swearing, the threats.. This isnt what police do in most countries. Period.

    And you would think THAT would be the jumping off part of discussion. But it never is.

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    The touchdown drive as well.. 3 straight runs-- including one on 3rd down for a first.. followed by three straight play action plays that the 49ers for the first time all day actually had to respect...

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    Well it's much newer software designed for the 2017 internet-- easier to enmbed media, etc so it should be pretty smooth. As we slowly grow we will be tweaking somethings to improve the experience even more. We're glad you're using the site!

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    On Sirius Radio Pete Carroll said Cliff Avril is going to IR, and from the sounds of it, this injury could be career threatening. Obviously dont want to play around with spinal type injuries.

    Hoping for the best for him as a human being obviously..

    as a fan.. what does it mean? Obviously losing Avril in the past has cost whole games.

    Maybe we have more depth and Clark can take up some of the slack now..?

    I dont think its as big of a disaster as it has been in the past.. but its not good.

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    Wish they would just stick to football.

    Oh..wrong timing?

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    Side note on getting old.. a number of years ago I found myself preferring to listen to baseball on the radio rather than actually watch it.

    Pretty sure that qualifies me for some level of old, right?

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