• Veda the Moor

    The guy always seemed liked a self absorbed douche canoe.

    But he was much, much worse.

    And it's not like he suddenly got there. Once they look for similar pattern crimes whom knows what they will find.


    Wonder what happened.

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  • Veda the Moor

    So.. Its not a secret among people who know me that although I am a hard core Star Wars fan..though more of a purist than some... but less than others!.. that I have deeply mixed feelings on the new Trilogy.

    So..would George Lucas have recovered and had a late career resurgence and made cool Episodes 7 through 9?



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  • Veda the Moor

    Hmm. I sort of think in todays world and with Earl in particular .. if JS had blatantly lied and said hed received a promise without getting one someone would have said something. If not then its actually one more indicator that Earl WANTS to be traded..because that lie only served one purpose.. to make him trade-able.

    I dont blame Earl for WANTING anything..I do blame whoever is giving him advice for giving him awful advice. All that can happen is that Earl loses money, team chemistry suffers, performance lessened.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Players get the worst advice, I swear. He has no leverage. Did he not see Kam's holdout ? Literally did nothing but cost him money. You want more money? Then go work your butt off and make yourself someone they can't imagine losing.

    But it wouldn't be good business to start paying MORE for someone you know any day is going to start regressing. And it certainly doesn't make sense to reward this type of behavior.

    Just a dumb, dumb move by Earl.

    And speaks again to where this team is at mentally. This time it's worse because apparently Earl's agent had give JS show word there would be no hold out.

    So Earl know is going to open the door to younger, healthier guys getting playing time -- while losing money-- AND also making himself untradable. Savvy.

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  • Veda the Moor


    Im expecting big things from Jordan this season. 4 sacks in 5 games last season.. has always had the tools but not the right system or motivation. He seems to have it now. Hopefully he recovers quickly from this clean up!

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  • Veda the Moor

    So.. this movie comes out in Japan JUNE 23rd. Now, some movies get late releases here, some dont get any release, and a few key movies get released at the same time as the States (well..a day earlier because of the International Date Line). All the other new Star Wars movies had a simultaneous release. This is a big warning sign to me.

    I therefore havent seen it yet. Although I toyed around with idea of flying to Korea to see it, I just couldnt find a free weekend.

    The movie has obviously underwhelmed in the box office, which may well cost Kennedy her job as she is the Star Wars czar and if you are the one guiding a franchise to the point that the movies start LOSING money and people are not that interested, well..youve probably done something wrong. Id be hard pressed to come up with an argument where you havent majorly screwed up if youve gotten to the point where Star Wars is losing money.

    Solo.. Ive read Alden has done fine as Han. I think Sammy went beyond "fine". To be honest, this was probably one of the first areas they went wrong with the film. Harrison Ford has legendary and effortless charisma. He inhabits and brings to life his best characters with something intangible that we are drawn to. And arguably MORE drawn to now than when they were new -- the moral ambiguity of Indiana Jones and Han Solo in some gray areas aligns well with the post 9-11 world. Leaving the arthouse thought behind, Alden can do a good job with the role but its just never going to be his, and we all know it and if thats where you are STARTING regarding the movie, then why are you making it? Because we all want more Han Solo? Well..of course we do. To a degree. But thats because humans are simple folk. I would say we only THINK we want more Han Solo, if we really knew what we could get at this point.

    Because youve got a different guy and its not going to be the same. And for 40 years youve either spent a bit of time in your mind or in the school cafeteria or your local pub DISCUSSING and inventing things about Han Solo that we dont know, or maybe youre like me and youve spent countless HOURS in a galaxy far, far away doing this.. creating adventures and your own stories and all this movie can do is limit those.

    And thats my biggest wish, request.. demand..for Disney right now with this franchise. Stop giving us what we THINK we want. And stop trying to get cute with things. Stop trying to be edgy, stop being PC, stop being..everything.

    START giving us creative movies that make us say "wow" again. Fans might think they want a Han Solo movie and they might nudge each other and nod knowingly..and theres plenty of evidence that this is..enough. To be honest, a lot of Star Wars fans arent all that demanding.

    For me and a lot of people one of the intriguing and attractive points of the original trilogy is the constant reference to things off screen that sound cool but have no explanation. I get the temptation to WANT to explain them.. but NOT having everything explained is so much of the texture. Creating movie after movie filling in these things will not just make the franchise stale it will potentially harm the original trilogy.

    Like Birdfinger says, make ANY movie ..sort of..in the Star Wars universe and add real depth, not fan service.

    Dont take our favorite characters and fill in every detail..Ive already done that..weve all done that. Blow me away with something new and creative..and then DOUBLE blow me away with its twist at the end tying in a BIT.

    Fill in MINOR characters. Focus on SHIPS. An idea of mentioned elsewhere is something about the designer of the original X-Wing, and his decision to give it to the Rebellion not the Empire.

    Give me a movie showing an Imperial officer who is conflicted about his role, but finally lives with himself because of some operation against some scum and villainy type elements.

    Along Birdfingers idea.. a Purple Rain type movie set in Mos Eisely showing some themes of the greater Star Wars universe would be excellent..showing how hard it is to make it in the Outer Rim.. maybe he finally gets a solid gig and at the end the Empire comes in and shuts down that Cantina and our lead is out trying to find another gig even though hes just had a "hit song".

    Feel disappointed. They talk about how polarizing The Last Jedi is..and its really, really true. Before that movie I dont think Id ever really disagreed about anything substantive related to Star Wars with Zeb and Sammy. Now, there is little we agree with. They probably think Im too old and too much of a purist..or not "realistic". Where as I think they are sort of settling. Whether they are right or not.. Last Jedi has definitely done something to me.. it hasnt "killed" Star Wars for me.. but Ive turned more back just to the Original Trilogy and some of my enthusiasm is gone. I still considered going to Korea for Solo.. but at the same time, I still havent bought the DVD of The Last Jedi. The whole discussion there is another thread..but in short.. killing look and the WAY they killed look.. wasnt right. And neither was teasing this whole third way of Force users the whole movie just to chicken out of it at the end. Well..a third part of it is .. it in NO WAY felt like it was what is was supposed to be..it did NOT feel like something happening a couple days after Han Solo was killed, StarKiller base was destroyed, the galactic government was destroyed and the Resistance was found. No one acts like that at all.

    But thats another thread.. haha.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Yes they are voluntary.. but I still think it says something and means something when your veteran leadership stays away.

    We will see.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Well.. when it was everyone all in for the OTAs ..2012,2013.. some of us trumpeted that as a big positive.

    So..with lots of key players not showing up for this years.. does it mean anything? It seems weird to say it means something if its positive for us but doesnt if it isnt.

    I dont WANT it to mean anything..but it does make me feel like this may not be a bounce back year but more like the final chapter of the last version. People are still around , partly..but not all in anymore and just here for the paycheck until the next part of their career. Cant pretend it feels "magical" when Earl and Clark and so on are staying away.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Yea.. the changes in the first are the most substantial.. and mostly dumb. I DO like some of the changes to the Battle of Yavin because you can see a bit more of whats going on.

    Empire Strikes Back changes .. well..one of them tries to fill in something that doesnt need to be. The conversation with the Emperor when Vader and the Emperor discuss Luke makes no sense. Vader already knows who Luke is.. its right there in the story crawl to start the movie. Then the changes in Bespin where they feel the need to have a scene explaining how Vader got back to his ship...? George Lucas gets really condescending.. and thinks we are dumb. Its a bit ironic because one of the cool things about Star Wars is that it feels real because the characters talk about things we dont know about without explaining them.. and a lot happens off screen so your mind fills it in. I spent YEARS playing with my figures filling in the space especially between Star Wars and Empire.. but first Lucas felt the need to explain so much of it away, destroying the charm..and now people are obsessed with explaining literally everything ..every sentence, reference, pause, twitch..rather than spending energy on creating new cool stuff.

    BUT..the changes in Empire where it makes Bespin look more open and bigger..thats cool.

    Jedi..would have loved if they had KEPT the lightsaber scene..it was in the novelization. But the other changes.. dumb. The musical scene complete with breaking the 4th wall..and Boba Fett suddenly being a womanizer..? Bleh.

    Original Theatrical really is the way to go.

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