• Veda the Moor

    We will have a talk about how the running position shakes out. I think I see it differently than a lot of people.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Thats why I dont post much from my phone. lol.

    Dion Jordan I had really high expectations of.

    Ed Dickson may have doomed himself.. the other TEs have really played well.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Dion Jordanine bothers me the most...

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  • Veda the Moor

    Per..everyone.. Erik Walden is joining the Seahawks. He is a LB that apparently they hope will add to the pass rush. A lot of people seemed optimistic after last preseason game.. but maybe the coaching staff not as much?

    That said.. this seems a bit reaching at straws to me. He had one good year of rushing the QB..11 sacks in 2016. Most years, hes gotten about 3. Last year he was a back up.

    We will just have to wait and see how this goes. Thoughts?

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  • Veda the Moor

    We have a pay league with a 100 dollar buy in. Its been running for about 5 years now..maybe longer.

    Mix of people.. a couple from the East Coast, some Seattle area people, a couple based in Japan (me and Zach!)

    Good league, everyone is active and friendly. We need to replace one player. If youre interested please let me know!

    Draft day is Monday night, September 3rd Seattle time.

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  • Veda the Moor

    When you run a private company NDA's are handy. Important. Plus they sound neat and make it sound important. A friend of mine works at a well known game company.. when I was invited to beta test a game that eventually became a very well known game.. I signed an NDA. I have a stack of very vanilla NDAs in my desk drawer at work.

    They arent the cure all they are often made out to be.. and actually in many cases they arent enforceable without the original party doing more damage to himself, if they are used out as some use them -- to hide dodgy activities.

    Trump, its well established now, has leaned on NDAs it seems now for decades. Its his SOP (standard operating procedure). The NDAs and the intimidating threats in them, plus his money.. have let him do what he wants for a very long time.. dictator of his business "empire" such as it is.

    I dont think its really deniable anymore that Trump has largely taken his dictatorial impulses into the White House. I havent once heard him articulate a dedication to democratic principles, but have OFTEN heard him speak with envy at true dictators' powers, or heard him bemoan the checks and balances that make up the American political system.

    And now, word coming out that Trump has tried to bring these NDAs into the government sphere. That is a problem.That is illegal. Government employees work for the people, not for Trump.. whatever he may say. And requiring that they say nothing, not even to Congress.. that is flat out against the law. And just one more move Trump is making to make himself accountable to no one.

    I dont care if you hate liberals and Democrats..if you are an American. If you believe in America.. then you have to start standing up and asking for laws to be enforced. Literally every day Trump commits impeachable offenses, nearly every week he asserts powers that no president has ever asserted before. Now he is making government employees answerable only to HIM, not to the establishment?

    Other recent HUGE problems that are getting little traction in the news:

    in this weeks defense bill spending he unilaterally made all kinds of "executive changes".. the type that Bush II made more popular, but with just astounding claims.. that basically the congress cant put any conditions on any military spending. Which, reading the CONSTITUTION we know isnt true at all.

    Some highlights: " Trump also declared that he could bypass a provision in the bill that extended restrictions on certain bilateral military-to-military cooperation between the United States and Russia."

    "...challenged a provision requiring the Pentagon to create a senior civilian position charged with coming up with uniform standards for counting — and reducing — civilian bystander deaths as a result of American military operations"

    Then there is the assertion by Trump's lawyers that he DOES have the right obstruct justice and Department of Justice investigations because technically the DOJ is part of the executive branch.

    Trump has also claimed that he is above the law, because whatever he does he can just pardon himself.

    Its congress that imposes taxes, but Trump has taken over that -- unilaterally imposing destructive tariffs while a cowed Congress refuses to do its job.

    This isnt partisan politics. This isnt liberal or conservative in the normal sense. This really is a threat to the republic.. but conservatives either keep telling themselves its "just as bad with the Dems" and find fake equivalencies or simply maybe agreeing with Trump.. While liberals , instead of focusing on issues that matter, keep taking up the torch for the most extreme examples for which there isnt a social consensus for.

    Very frustrating times.

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  • Veda the Moor

    If you see Zeb, tell him I said "happy birthday!". He'll know what it means.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Bit of a bummer..the new stadium will be better for (American) football. But nothing to be done about it.

    Still looking forward to it!

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  • Veda the Moor

    Its funny what can bring us around to something, and interesting to think about the direct versus proximal cause.

    In this case, a relationship sort of instigated a change.. but do you think at some level you might have just been ready on a different level for team sports?

    For me, I came very late in life to enjoying baseball. While Ive always loved football, it didnt translate to loving all sports like it did for some kids. I remember a 3 or 4 week flirt with basketball, and I remember once receiving a pack of HOCKEY cards when asking for football cards.. but basically football owned my heart and I didnt cheat. I despised baseball, found it incredibly boring.

    At some point, though.. something just seemed to shift. I found myself , as I grew older, watching some baseball. First in college.. very very occasionally.. and now I follow the Mariners at least pretty regularly. A clear sign this is related to aging and that Im simply old is that most of the time I prefer listening to the baseball on the radio over watching it.

    So wonder, is there a time where our brain chemistry also is more open ..or maybe stronger than that.. starts to NEED elements of team sports? Does the tribalism become more attractive? Does, in football, the raw violence strike a deeper cord in our psyche that isnt catered to our increasingly sterilized culture?

    Team sports is such an interesting experiment into so many aspects of social psychology...

    And it took a woman for you to get there. :)

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