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    100% agree Sammy, with all of what you wrote. Its really for another post, but the US was already losing some of its leadership in some areas but with Trump we have now essentially abdicated leadership in so many areas, its ridiculous.

    International conferences are ongoing all over the world on many topics, and China is deciding the agenda because the US doesnt even have diplomats to send.

    While the US pulls out of free trade agreements and demonizes is trading partners, China and Europe and even Japan continue to work on free trade zones.

    While the US gets behind an ultra nationalist "America First" administration, China gains soft power influence all over Asian, Africa and the Middle East, giving aid, building trade ties. Now, a lot of it is done is a harmful way that is even less beneficial to the host country than the US style used to be, but with the US no longer present that doesnt matter. China is building its "New Silk Road", doing it in a smart way, while the US pulls out of TPP and actively calls these countries that China is wooing "shitholes".

    Domestically, we elect people over and over again who refuse to fund infrastructure. Who brag of unheralded business profits while LOWERING taxes. So while China is busy building the largest highspeed train network in the world, educating its people to be scientists and engineers and innovators, in the US it takes cities 20 years to get 15 miles of light rail built and teachers are increasingly put down and treated as second class people inside their own profession. Meanwhile in societies that respect education, teachers, and science real progress is getting made.

    We berate our NATO allies for not paying enough to stand up to Russia, then WE do nothing when Russia tries to kill people in the capitol city of our greatest ally.

    We dont even have AMBASSADORS in Saudi Arabia and South Korea!

    And no one seems to care. Partisanship write extremely large I suppose... its so sad to see.

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    A few years ago the Syrian civil war was mostly a stalemate. The various rebel groups were unlikely to be able to depose Assad, but Assad had neither the support nor the military to take back rebel held lands. Indeed, it didnt really seem it crossed his mind that those areas would someday be his again -- with no thought to future relations Assad bombed his own people. And not bombing like we think of when see even our own country at work in Afghanistan and so on. This often consisted of helicopters flying uncontested over civilian areas that support the rebels and dumping out bombs made of oil barrels. Conventional explosives, napalm, and more were used. Occasionally chemicals were apparently used.

    Then ISIS got REAL bad and about the same time Russia got its mojo back -- or decided it wanted it back.

    ISIS, frankly, wasnt as bad as ISIS. But they played the PR game astoundingly wrong -- they played it like junior high boys out for shock. A few beheadings on the internet later and the world was united against them. I mean , literally.. soon, suburban Britons were dropping out of school to go to the region to fight Isis.

    And Russia stepped in and intervened. No one could really say much ..despite some low level squabbling.

    And so it came to pass that Russia came to be the power that propped up Assad and help him take back most of his country. Their military equipment, training, funding..thats all Russian.

    And now theyve used chemcial weapons. Again. On their own people. In a few months it will be 100 years since the end of WWI. 4 generations since our country or most countries have real experience with chemical weapons. A few years ago I saw people right how they werent that bad, or that all weapons are the same. In 1918 -- fresh out of world war where they were used extensively.. how did people feel about them? They outlawed them. In the throws of utter defeat, Nazi Germany did not use them. They are a big deal. They are a red line we need to keep taboo.

    And Syria is using them. Im not a war monger. But its a line that cant be crossed without a price.

    And Russia can not be let off the hook for propping up that regime.

    And yet Trump doesnt want to punish Russia. Again. Doesnt want sanctions. And by the way, where is Trump on Russia using chemical / biological weapons on British sovereign soil?

    Does anyone still believe Russia DOESNT have anything on Trump? Honestly? He's an immoral, self serving, self deluded president. And I dont care how much of an ass Pence is, Trump should be removed post haste.

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    Well...alright then. Maybe he's still got it.

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    Dont have the link, but I read yesterday basically Seattle wanted assurance that if he was signed he would dismiss his collusion case..

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    What an embarrassment. I cant think of any president in any legit republic or democracy where the people elected someone who ran an obviously fraudulent "university". Yea..the settlement was today but it was always obvious, and people just decide that it didnt matter. What a joke.


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    Didnt he lose his starting job last year? (Not saying he cant play..but people keep acting like its Earl Thomas out there sitting unemployed.. Reid hasnt lived up to his rookie year apparent potential).

    This one makes me wonder. Because.. were owners actually aware that Reid was kneeling with Kaep? Other players were pretty vocal at the time have even been traded FOR (Bennett for example)..

    I think in Kaeps case its not ever really a debate that non football decisions are being made. In this case Im not sure. NO prominent safeties that are free agents have been signed. But maybe its a cascade.. everyone waiting on Reids deal but Reid isnt getting signed because of connection to Kaep.... Hard to know.

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    First..the positives:

    The new trailer looks much, much better than the trailer. Lando looks better than I expected, though this is going to be the biggest stumbling block for the movie for me.. my "eye" just doesnt accept roles being played by other actors.. so Solo not looking right and Lando being closer but still not Billy Dee is just going to take me out.. BUT , I said the positives. The story line seems the right kind of story line if you feel compelled to make this movie. It doesnt have too much humor apparently.. and that was the big concern before it seems. The effects look great, the new look at the galaxy seems reasonable.. it seems to "fit".

    The bad..its in danger of fulfilling every single one of the "check list items" you knew were coming.. we see him get his blaster. We see what looks like its going to be the Kessel Run. Its going to be like the beginning of The Last Crusade where EVERY single quirk about Indiana Jones gets explained and all happened in the same day. I suppose we will see get his pants (apparently even the damn stripe has an explanation in the EU). We will probably see what Lando was supposed to have forgotten about ... and so on. I hope they dont make it that trite..

    The other worry is what Ive expressed earlier.. stuff that seems not in character or not thought through. Kind of connected to what I just said.. Han says in Star Wars he made a lot of modifications to the Falcon. I think weve always assumed that was to the INTERIOR or some other smaller things. We assumed that meant the hyperdrive was better. That makes sense. He put in smuggling compartments. That makes sense. I bet those turrets werent standard issue, and neither was that smaller blast cannon that popped out on Hoth when they were escaping.
    That all makes sense for a smuggler.. youd be like "we gotta go faster and keep things secret, and we might need to blast out of some place!". But if youre a smuggler.. trying to do things slyly .. would you modify the whole profile of your ship so people immediately notice? Also.. its pretty well established in a lot of things that Falcon has the same basic shape as other TY-1300 ships.. not just in the EU, but in the first movie even when they fly to Alderraan. It doesnt even look bad, but it just doesnt make sense .. Im kind of hoping they also cut the line from the teaser where Han says he wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy. That does not feel like Han. It also feels weird that the Imperial Navy recruits the same way as the US Military.. you show up and choose your job.. really?

    Anyway.. too much negative. Before this trailer I was actually dreading this movie but now Im looking forward to it!

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    Back to 4-3 with a blowout win vs the Twins. Seager is starting to get on track, Ichiro cant his batting average up to decent and was part of a lot of production from the Left Field position.

    Amazing what one early season game can do to the stats.

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    Its a bit of a weird ruling because the 2nd Amendment speaks specifically to the military application of private weapons.. although in the exact opposite sense of what most people think. Every person Ive ever talked with or heard from regarding that aspect thinks the guns / militia aspect of the 2nd amendment means people protecting themselves FROM the government. Early militias were to protect the government, when the US had a very , very small or even no standing army. So, its weird to see the argument that the 2nd amendment protects firearms for sporting applications.

    I think you would want to go another direction with that if you wanted it to actually hold up at the inevitable Supreme Court challenge.

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