• sammyc521

    I would like to buy the Seahawks.

    I got $20 in my pocket right now. Final offer.

    Honestly, I don't know if there will ever be an owner as good as Paul Allen.

    Steve Balmer is the closest I could think of that would hit the local ties, super money, and someone who has an owner track record.

    If Jeff Bezos hints at buying the team I may die.

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  • sammyc521

    Game#1 @ Broncos 24-27

    • Denver scores a TD with 11:11 left on the clock in the 4th
    • Russell sacked in 3rd down on two of their last 3 possesions
    • Only two first-downs in their last three possessions

    Game#2 @ Chicago 17-24

    • Russell throws a pick-6 to put the Bears up 24-10 with 6:37 left in the 4th
    • Seahawks score a TD with 14-seconds left on the clock
    • Not really a one-score game

    Game #4 @ Arizona 20-17

    • Arizona ties the game at 17-17 with 8:59 left on the clock
    • Seabass kicks the 52-yard GW FG with no time left
    • Seahawks drove from their own 35 after a missed Arizona FG to the Arizona 34

    Game #5 Vs. Rams 31-33

    • Seattle takes the lead 31-24 in the 3rd with 1:35 left
    • Rams score less than 2-minutes later but don't convert the PAT 31-30 Seahawks
    • Rams kick the go-ahead FG at 6:05 in the 4th
    • QB Goff converts a 4th and inches with a QB Sneak
    • (Final Seahawks Possession) At the Ram 32-yard line (49-yard FG attempt) with 4:28 left, Seahawks commit a false-start > 2-yard loss on a run > 10-yard holding penalty > Incomplete pass to WR > Incomplete pass to WR > Punt from the Rams 45 with 3:45 left on the clock which they eat up the clock.

    Game #8 vs. Chargers 17-25

    • Seahawks are down 10-19 with 6:44 left in the 4th; Russell throws an INT returned for a TD but the Chargers miss the PAT 25-10.
    • Seahawks score a TD and the PAT with 1:50 left on the clock to make it 17-25
    • Seahawks get a 3-and-out (with a sack on 3rd down) to force a punt with 1:33 left on the clock
    • Seahawks get a PI in the endzone with time expiring giving them an untimed down at the 1-yard line but then get called for offsides > play for the TD with opportunity to get the 2-pt to tie fails as the ball is tipped and David Moore can't secure it

    Game #9 @ Ram 31-36

    • Failed onside kick results in a FG for the Rams; 24-29
    • Sack-fumble on Wilson results in a TD for the Rams; 24-36
    • Seahawks score on a quick TD to Mike Davis from the 3-yard line; 31-36 (but use nearly 4 minutes of clock to score down 12-points)
    • Seahawks final possession results in a turnover on downs after a failed 4th down pass sails over Lockett

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  • sammyc521

    Good game.

    Penny is the 3rd Seahawks RB to rush for a 100+ and score a TD.

    Prosise is garbarge; the only negative run all game I swear.

    Frustrating loss but this team is close. 1-5 in games decided by a score.

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  • sammyc521

    Um... okay.

    Failed on his last 25 and you're going to give the Rams the short-field?

    Also... can we please cover the middle-deep part of the field?


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  • sammyc521

    But you can't take a sack on 3rd down on their endzone door step...

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  • sammyc521

    Making the Rams settle for 2 FGs instead of TDs is huge down 5.

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  • sammyc521

    Gonna be a shootout.

    Go Hawks!

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  • sammyc521

    alt text

    Loved his character in Rogue One. Would love to see his adventures with K2SO.

    Spy series would be really fun and it could vary per episode because Cassian did all kinds of missions for the Rebel Cell.

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  • sammyc521

    Special shout-out to @Veda-the-Moor & @Zeb-Stark for helping me improve my mood.

    The podcast was a great way to express my off-set feelings.

    Also, down with Day-Light Savings.

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