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    I am of the mindset that a Wall is just a waste of money; not that it would prevent people from easily crossing a border but that the up-keep would be such a drain on our government that it basically becomes it's black-hole for money.

    Instead of building a physical wall, that money could be better used towards equipment that has a lower cost but would result in better attempts to stop the criminal activity it pretends it would solve.

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    Youtube Video

    Avril said he was the closest to RB Marshawn Lynch and DE Michael Bennett.

    Worth a listen to.

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    We're planning on doing one more podcast for the 2018 NFL season. Most likely before or after the Superbowl.

    It'll be the State of the Seahawks Podcast.

    Have to celebrate Russell Wilson dominating the ProBowl for the 5th time.

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    So here's question... is the Franchise Tag holding back Seattle from offering DE Frank Clark the best deal knowing they can lock him up for 1-year without his say?

    I look at the RB Le'Veon Bell issue in Pittsburgh (and knowing that RBs are disposed of easily) and worry that the Seahawks could find themselves in a situation where anything other than a long-term deal ends up breaking down the relationship. I don't think it's likely to happen but I worry that both parties get pushed to the extreme.

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    After taking time off and assessing the game, I am less angry with the play calling and blame the execution more.

    Perfect example, Penny comes in an rips off 28-yards off tackle and then they go for a toss to the left... only for LT Duane Brown to clip his TE Dickson who is suppose to clip the charging DE. Essentially we killed our own toss because we took out the main blocker who is responsible for screwing up our run.

    Blame game:
    50% Execution
    20% Play calling (the 3rd-and-long players were pretty terrible, TE pass outside with no lead blockers?)
    20% defense (held the Cowboys to two 3rd-down stops but gave up penalties; and were one 3rd and 13 stop from keeping it a 1-score game at 3-minutes)
    10% special teams (our special teams are the wrong kind of "special")

    The football season is dead to me until the Superbowl; Chargers vs. Saints.

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    2019 Unrestricted Free Agents:

    • DE Frank Clark
    • CB Justin Coleman
    • G DJ Fluker
    • G JR Sweezy
    • RB Mike Davis
    • LB KJ Wright
    • FS Earl Thomas
    • DT Shamar Stephen
    • DE Dion Jordan
    • K Sebastian Janikowski
    • CB Neiko Thorpe
    • LB Mychal Kendricks
    • S Maurice Alexander
    • QB Brent Hundley

    2019 Restricted Free Agents

    • LS Tyler Ott
    • DE Quinton Jefferson
    • DE Brandon Jackson
    • CB Akeem King
    • T George Fant
    • FB Tre Madden

    2019 Exclusive Free Agents

    • WR David Moore
    • RB JD McKissic
    • C Joey Hunt
    • LB Austin Calitro
    • LB Emmanuel Ellerbe
    • G Jordan Simmons
    • S Shalom Luani

    The biggest need is Franchise DE Frank Clark or get a deal so you can Franchise someone else (really no one else to use this on).

    Of the FAs, I would target RB Mike Davis, and either JR Sweezy or DJ Fluker (probably lean towards DJ). I would let Dion, KJ, and Justin Coleman go unless a better deal falls into our laps. Earl is not coming back and everyone else is replaceable.

    Of the RFAs, tender everyone but FB Madden.

    Seahawks are projected for $63 million in cap space.

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    The loss I can handle... poor game play and poor execution doomed us. The Defense could only hold on for so long before giving up to late TDs that sealed the win.

    Glad they made it close but the NFL has basically done the anti-NBA of encouraging late comebacks by altering the kick-off rules.

    The worst thing will be all the Cowboy fans will be crowing how this is their ticket to the Superbowl. They're still a flawed team and while Dak is a good QB, I don't think of him of anywhere near the top 2 tiers. He's a more mobile, weaker armed Matt Stafford in my eye.

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    Low scoring game has to benefit the Seahawks... or so I hope. Back-to-back PA for their first 2 first-down and now were in the red zone.

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    They have to better than Brady Quinn and Sam Rosen... those guys are the worst.

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    So happy.

    Pete Carroll is the best Seahawks coach of all time.

    Hopefully all the people that doubted the signing back them have been quieted and have fully hopped on the band wagon for good.

    Seahawks will make the playoffs for the 7th time in 9 years under Carroll. They've only been to the playoffs 10 times in their previous 33 years.

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