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    So I have been a huge fan of crowd funding stuff. The first project I crowd funded was the Ouya (2012) which was an Android system designed to play mobile games on your computer. This was pre-RaspberryPi and NES Classic.

    I've crowd funded Pebble Watch (bought out by FitBit), card games, video games and I even think a movie (Super Trooper 2).

    I fully understand the scope and risk that comes into play when it comes to putting money into projects like this. I tried to fund a Kickstarter for Northwest-related clothes that didn't meet it's campaign goal.

    I know there are many horror stories out there about people funding projects that don't come to light, a few of the games that I've funded end up being a shell of what was promised or don't end up off of the ground. Due to the project's in-experience, or willingness to commit; these are risks that I feel are worth investing in. I have yet to go invest in a huge amount; most of the times it's the first level that actually gets me the product.

    My favorites:
    Fidget Cube -
    Boss Monster -
    Darkest Dungeon -

    Anyone else dabble in this stuff?

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    One of my co-workers asked what's the deal with Net Neutrality. I assume he saw this because many sites are pointing links to how users can save it:





    My guess is that he saw it on PornHub:

    The gist of Net Neutrality is that data is allowed to pass unimpeded by outside factors; competition, ISP, throttling, etc.

    I often us the analogy that the internet is like a highway; there are rules that govern how our vehicles can drive on it but just because you drive a 1980's Honda Civic doesn't mean that you are any less free to drive than a 2017 Aston Martin.

    If Chevy was able to buy a high lane that allowed Chevy drivers greater traffic-free roads than other car makers, it could affect people's purchasing habits because they would buy one brand over another because they got treated differently due to contracts they've signed.

    Much like if ESPN purchased it so that Fox or NBC couldn't broadcast sports as well online due to bandwidth needs, it would drive more business to ESPN over other sports channels.

    Net Neutrality seeks to make it so companies can't do this. Most lawmakers writing laws to remove Net Neutrality freedoms are backed by lobbyists that would seek to gain more control. A free internet allows for a level playing field; much like a free way that allows for all drivers the same access to use those roads.

    If you are interested, you can view this site for more information:

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    So we are at the half-way point with the Mariners 4 games out of the 2nd Wild Card with 5 team in-front of them.

    While their roster is riddled with injuries they are not completely out of the race. That doesn't mean they may not offload some talent for the future.

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    Russell Wilson has been so healthy, he has played more 16-game seasons than QBs that have been playing before 2012.

    This past year was the first time we've really seen what a Wilson-less team can look like and it was scary.

    While we saw glimpses of what Boykins can do, his small history of dumb choices may impact his on-field chances. The team let go of local-boy Jake Heaps (who is still partnering with Wilson on Wilson's QB Camp) and signed Austin Davis (formerly of CLE and STL). His last snap was in 2015 for CLE where he started 2 games. In 2014, Davis did get 8 starts and beat the Seahawks in St. Louis (Kam Chancellor hold-out).

    Some have brought up Collin Kaepernick but my guess is that unless a team suffers a big injury, he won't get signed.

    The goal should always be that you go as far as your QB can take you; with a back-up at the helm it's a bad sign for any team.

    My faith is that Boykins stays with the team because he's young, cheap, seems to run an offense similar to Wilson's skill-sets (not at the same level) and with a healthy defense, could keep the ship afloat for a short time.

    I hope we never reach that though.

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    So Donald Trump Jr just released his emails showing that he went to meet with Russians that promised him incriminating evidence that would hurt Clinton only to find out that it was under false pretenses.

    DTJr got catfished and his hope that releasing these emails would prove that while he wanted to go in getting damning info it turned out he got nothing.

    Is this like trying to cheat on your partner by meeting someone only to find out that they want to be friends?

    "Hey Baby, I didn't cheat on you even though I only met this person because I thought we were going to have sex. Turns out they just wanted to be friends so I'm in the clear."

    Intent should matter but I have no faith that this will do anything. The excuse of "he's new" for all people close to Trump seems to be able to stick.

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    How soon till we get holodecks... Seattle traffic sucks.

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    I saw this movie on Thursday night and I was very impressed.

    At this point, if Marvel is invested they will do a great job of creating a fun, entertaining Marvel movie with enough easter eggs for long-time fans but also enough entertainment for general fans.

    What I love about Spider-Man is that he does protects people because he feels he has no choice. While this was no Origin story, there were a lot of elements of showing what a young superhero has to deal with. The biggest factor in the Spider-Man mythos is that his inaction lead to the death of his father-figure. While this was skipped over in Homecoming, it was still alluded to and you see this great sense of someone with a lot of ability and trying to do it all.

    A lot of people may get tired of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man but he is what makes the MCU work. With this start in Iron Man that revolutionized Marvel Studios, he again takes enough of the spotlight when he's on to show how vital he is to their movies. While some may take that as a draw-back, I feel the it just shows how connected his character and his role plays in establishing the greater arc. No other character can cross-over like that and fit the style of the movie.

    I also want to give a huge amount of credit for Michael Keaton; he's truly a great villan in the movie. His drive is so clear and so easy to understand that after watching 10+ MCU movies, you get a sense of his scope as a non-superhero. I really loved his time on the screen.

    Tom Holland played like a young person playing a young person; not a 25+ years old acting like a teenager. The beauty of Spider-Man as a character is that he's a weird kid and also a superhero; all his nerdiness or awkwardness if removed once he dons his costume and doesn't restrain himself from doing all the things a Spider-Man can.

    I think Andrew Garfield did a good job in the Amazing Spider-Man of being really chatty and witty but it also was on the verge of arrogant; Spider-man is not that because his guilt won't allow that.

    In Captain America: Civil War, Holland's Spider-man fights the Winter Soldier and pauses to admire the metal arm so much that he loses focus. Falcon even questions whether or not Spider-man has ever been in a fight as quips, "Usually, there's not this much talking."

    This is no origin story, but it's a great movie about someone growing into his role of being a friendly, neighborhood Spider-man.

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    @austinslater25 said in Who will be the Seahawks leading rusher this season?:

    The metrics guys are in love with Prosise. That doesn't always gaurantee success obviously but it's interesting regardless. Not sure anything would surprise me at this point with any of the 3 having a big year. The smart money seems to be on Lacy, Rawls when healthy has been as good as anyone and Prosise is possibly the most gifted.

    Prosise probably has the largest up-side of any RB we have on the roster and it was on display in the game against NE... but the dude has a history of injuries and they are not all related.

    I remember in the first Training Camp (I went with Vetamur) and he didn't even make it through the first one.

    If healthy, I think the Seahawks go very far with this RB group as they are so dynamic and can complement each other very well. It's almost as if we are copying the RB styles of NE with Lacy, Rawls and Prosise.

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