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    Most summer-ish thing I'll do this year?

    Play flag football and go to training camp.

    I know they're both football related but... nope, I got nothing.

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    So with recent news that another frontman has committed suicide, it's alarming to see how many ways that mental health issues are the driving force behind it.

    Much like Chris Cornell, Chester Bettington has also dealt with depression and other mental health issues, As the days pass we will probably hear more stories about how he was loved by his family and they did not suspect this was coming. People just end up in a dark place and can't seem to get out.

    When it comes to Men's health, there's definitely a taboo of being tough and being a "man;" which means that there are probably a lot of people that would never seek help due to the stigma of having a problem.

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    Wow... that's crazy. Feel bad for his family. I'm sure news will come out about some crazy demons he was probably fighting.

    I loved their music back in the day; partly because it was the only American band that had not one, but two Asians in it.

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    @mfb12 said in Gold Cup:

    One of the greatest games in the history of the Sounders and that poxy league, and trivia night is more important. Brilliant.

    Should show you how important soccer is to the greater Seattle area. Sounders fans are very die-hard but I openly judge them. To their credit, their team has won 4 US Open Cups (Oldest US open soccer tournament), 1 Supporters Shield (regular season points leader) and 1 MLS Cup. Add the fact they've been good and in the playoffs each year since they started.

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    Huge risk by Bell, but players like him will always bank on himself.

    I can't think of an RB that thought they couldn't buck the trend.

    The fact that Pittsburgh deal is also a gloried 1-year Franchise Tag with a 2nd year that is not guaranteed if he's cut or injured means that they weren't committed to him. That's probably what spurns him to try and hit UFA in 2018.


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    @mfb12 said in Who is your early favorite to start across from Sherman?:

    I think the rookies will take a while to learn the step-kick technique when in press alignment. While they may grasp it before the end of the year, I'd be surprised if they do for week 1.

    I can see Neiko Thorpe being out there, seeing as he did better than DeAndre Elliott in real game opportunities last year.

    Really I'd like Lane outside, but he lacks that length to recover when in trail. Furthermore, we don't really have an obvious corner nickel--though I guess you could put a third safety in the slot (Bradley McDougald/Delano Hill)

    I think that the Seahawks are more equipped to handle their secondary due to depth and the number of players they can use to rotate in/out of the secondary.

    I am hoping that Griffin steps it up in Training Camp and gets the starting RCB.

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    I was at a pub yesterday for Trivia Night with some friends and Co-Workers; there was a Seattle Sounders game and the US Men's on.

    Everyone at the pub was yelling for the soccer fans to shut up because we couldn't hear our trivia questions.

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    I would bet Mexico wins.

    Mexico has won the title 7 times to the US' 5 and Canada's 1.

    Mexico is also the highest rated FIFA ranking... um that's all I got.

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    She has probably no shot in such a crowded Mayoral race. She's actually against the SODO arena. It's probably going to be McGinn (former mayor), Durkin (US Attorney - Fought Trumps Travel Ban) and one of the two State Legislatures Hasegawa or Farrell.

    The best shot for the SODO arena is probably Mike McGinn since that was his baby before he got voted out (barely) against Murray.

    Oliver is a strong community presence but I don't think that translates to winning over the general public.

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    Anyone else in Seattle that's voting for city stuff?

    Lots of people running for Mayor, and the two At-Large City Council seats.

    Biggest issues that everyone seems to be talking about is:

    • Housing
    • Homeless
    • Rising cost of living
    • Seattle Police
    • City Growth
    • Key Arena vs Sodo Stadium

    Surprisingly, jobs and the economy are not topics that people are talking about so far.

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