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    Frankly, he could be a bust (doubt he will be) and I won't care.

    His story is so amazing.

    In his own words from the Player Tribune::

    Shaquem Griffin
    MAR 2 2018
    Dear NFL GMs,
    Everything you need to know about me you can learn by going back to when I was eight years old.
    So let me take you there.
    It was a Friday night in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I was sleeping — or at least I was trying to. My mind was going crazy because my twin brother, Shaquill, and I had a football game the next morning. He was in the room with me, and he couldn’t sleep either, because if we won the next day, we’d be in the playoffs. I had my covers pulled up over my royal blue home jersey — that’s right, I was sleeping in it. When I was a kid, I always slept in my football jersey the night before a game. That’s how ready I was to play every Saturday.

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    Nice article @MFB12 . Very good talking points.

    I don't think you're missing much but my outsiders view for the NFC West:

    Arizona - Can you get young enough for one more year? This is a roster filled with aging stars that when 100% healthy, can still be amazing.

    Six of their 7 oldest players will start: K Dawson (42), QB Palmer (37), LB Dansby (35), QB Stanton (33), DT Rucker (33), WR Fitzgerald (33) and S Bethea (33)

    San Francisco & Los Angeles - Can your new coaching staff make an impact right away?

    Both have huge questions at QB and offensive scheme (new coach with new players and new system). LA has a slight edge in the fact they still have a quality defense and will probably give Seattle fits when Wade Phillips plays against Bevell's offense.

    Seattle - Are you healthy?

    That's my biggest question because it answers questions at OL, WR depth, DB/Nickel, and RB in regards to the competition and actually allowing the best player rise to the top. The secondary and OL will benefit with a lot of camp bodies that the Seahawks would gladly put in the starting roster if proven they are the best.

    This is a team that started out of need/desperation/hubris a guy that never played LT last year in Fant.

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    21 ProBowls between those 8 players.

    On that list, 3 of them have only been voted in once (Wright, Richardson and Avril)

    18 PBs split between the other 5 players.

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    Play Yards Player Time Left Down & Distance Field
    Run Left 9-yards RB Carson 4:47 1st & 10 SEA 12
    Run Middle 2-yards RB Carson 4:17 2nd & 1 SEA 21
    Run Left 12-yards RB Carson 3:33 1st & 10 SEA 23
    Timeout San Francisco 3:20
    Run Right 2-yards RB Carson 3:20 1st & 10 SEA 35
    Run Right 16-yards RB Carson 2:38 2nd & 8 SEA 37
    2-minute Warning 2:00 SF 47
    Knee -2-yards QB Wilson 2:00 1st & 10 SF 47
    Knee -2-yards QB Wilson 1:21 2nd & 12 SF 49
    Knee -2-yards QB Wilson 0:41 3rd & 14 SEA 49
    End of Game 0:00 SEA 49
    • 2 Runs Left
    • 2 Runs Right
    • 1 Run up the Middle
    • 2:47 seconds burned + SF Timeout
    • 41 yards Rushing
    • 2 First-downs gain

    Well done gentlemen.

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    alt text

    Per KJR:

    Byron Maxwell (@BMaxx41) is reportedly returning to the #Seahawks LOB on a one-year deal! You remember Maxwell, right? Check out highlights from his time in Seattle here!

    Those long sleeves tho...

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    Q13 Fox:

    SEATTLE — For the first time, the group De-Escalate Washington can say they are confident Initiative 940 will get on the ballot next year.
    But just to make sure, the group will continue their campaign until they get 350,000 signatures.
    Supporters say I-940 would require police officers to get 40 hours of training to learn how to de-escalate crisis situations.
    Certain police departments, like Seattle’s, already require officers to get that amount of training. But the group says they want it statewide.

    Steve Raible:

    .@DougBaldwinJr: initiative 940 “would require law enforcement to receive violence de-escalation, mental-health, and first-aid training, and provide first-aid; and change standards for use of deadly force, adinitiativeding a ‘good faith’ standard and independent investigation”

    Goals would focus on four things:

    Baldwin said goals of I-940 are to A) provide deescalation training to law enforcement. B) training on how to address mental health issues. C) First-aid training for support and D) establishing standard definition of "good faith."

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    alt text
    alt text

    Nice words by Bennett on his change to Philly.

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    He didn't play a full season but in the games he played, the NY Giants averaged 30+ more rushing yards per game.

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    Love the idea of him playing with his brother, playing next to Bobby and KJ, playing under former SB Champ Ken Norton Jr.

    Stop the draft; all Seahawk fans are officially spend after this pick.

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    alt text

    @Canhawk is right, the Jabba scene if pretty awful.

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    • Seahawks enter their bye at 3-3 (2nd in the NFC West; 3-games behind the LA Rams)
    • Seahawks are currently in 3rd place for the two Wild Card Spots due to Carolina at 3-2 and Minnesota at 3-2-1
    • Seattle holds the Tie-Breaker over 3-3 Dallas and 3-3 Philadelphia (Dallas because of a head-to-head win; Philly... because reasons)
    • Only two teams in the NFC have more than 3 wins right now (LA Rams & Saints)
    • Russell Wilson is on-pace for 34 TDs (tied for his career high)
    • Seahawks are 4th in Scoring Offense in the NFC: 6th Scoring Defense in the NFC

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    So sad to hear... One of the highlights was knowing that at every NFC Championship game, Paul Allen was there to raise the 12th Man Flag; 2005, 2013, and 2014. Each time I got misty-eyed seeing him raise the flag and seeing him get emotional with the fans.

    Obviously, Allen is more than just the Seahawks owner but I remember when we signed Mike Holmgren to be our Head Coach/GM and I thought the Lombardi's would just rain down on Seattle. Unfortunately we had a wait a little longer than that but it showed that he knew how to put together a solid team. He wasn't the ego-maniac who had to make sure everyone saw him; something that I really admire.

    Thank you Mr. Allen. This Seahawks fan is eternally grateful.

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    Seahawks PR Tweeted the award:

    In addition to being the NFC Defensive Player of the Week, @Seahawks DE @TheRealFrankC_ is the only player in the NFL with at least 5.0 sacks, four tackles for loss and one interception. #GoHawks

    So this is Frank Clark as each week progresses.

    alt text

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    So Baldwin has played as many games at DJack but is still 1,500 yards behind and with 11 less TDs.

    That catch-rate though... 69% that's amazing.

    If he plays as many years as Blades did, he'll easily climb to #2 overall in almost all WR categories behind Largent.

    In the 2017 I think that the leaders will be as follows:

    Yards; Baldwin, Graham, Lockett, Kearse, PRich, Prosise
    TDs; Baldwin, Graham, Kearse, Prosise, Lockett
    Recs; Baldwin, Graham, Lockett, Prosis, Kearse

    I don't see anyone else making that much more of an impact; maybe Willson here and there or Wilson grabbing another TD from Baldwin.

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    That's a sweet looking jersey @MFB12 .

    I don't collect jerseys (I have like 7 Seahawks jerseys) but I can definitely appreciate a sweet soccer/football jersey.

    One of my favorite jerseys is a Seattle Thunderbirds jersey (hockey) from the WHL.

    alt text

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    Twitter Link

    Breaking: I'm told #Seahawks S Kam Chancellor has agreed to 3y $36M extension w/ $25M in g'teed money. Deal negotiated by agent Alvin Keels.

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    @legionofboom Naz is probably the lone standout. Would love to see him with the #1's to see what he could do when playing with Rubin/Reed, Arvil and Bennett.

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    Interior pass rush = turnovers
    Turnovers = wins
    Wins = HFA
    HFA = Superbowl

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    I could care less about what a grown man does for his kicks as long as all participants are willing and consent.

    This is where sex-workers draw a huge grey; if they are in it for the money of their own accord I take almost minimal issue with it but if it's a human-traffiking issue then it just gets ugly; no one should be forced into slavery in the modern century. It also hard to feel bad for people that get caught funding human-traffiking places.

    I would like to think that if things were "regulated" and legalize (like what Seattle did with marjuana) it would drastically limit the need to take things underground due to the convenience and access that having a legit business provides.

    In regards to his job; if he's not preaching anti-sex, anti-immigrants, moral high-ground then it shouldn't affect him to do his job. The difficult aspect is that as a prominent focal point of his job he also is under greater scrutiny.

    The biggest fallout will be the recent action by the Seattle Times to bar their sports writers from appearing on KJR in any capcity. They did this move well before it became knowledge that KJR's biggest host would get implicated on prostitution charges but it helps the Times play the moral high ground when they undermine their credibility. They had no issues paying for advertising during the Bigger Dance or when Mitch had the biggest sports audience but now they change their tune, huh?

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    Michael Bennett releases a statement after being arrested (not charged) by the Las Vegas Police after the Mayweather/McGregor fight August 26th on his day off.

    alt text

    Here's some video of the incident from TMZ.

    In the video you can clearly see that he's complying fully moments it's captured. He's respectfully addressing the police even though he feels he's being wrongfully detained.

    There are people on both sides making quick takes on this issue. In the information that I've seen, it looks like a bad take by the police and it happened to occur to a vocal and prominent black athlete with the means and platform to fight against the injustice he feels he suffered.

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    I went to Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle) and I had a blast. It was my first time and I went with my whole family.

    I just went to PAX West (Penny Arcade Expo - Seattle) this past weekend. It's focused more on video games.

    I think that the entrance fee is worth it if you have a goal in-mind. For me it was to visit my a couple of authors (one is who related to my brother's wife's family) and also the stuff to buy and see at a Comic Convention is far better than waiting in line to play a video game that's coming out in the next year.

    Next year I'll get a ticket for you to Emerald City and we can nerd out together. Also, a lot more cosplay people at a comic con.

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    • Defense looks legit
    • Griffin did not look like a rookie against an all-time great QB
    • Darboh flashed why he was drafted in the 3rd
    • Paul Richardson played the whole game and played well
    • Up-Tempo Offense scored all the points
    • Front-7 applied pressure all game and only gave up one big play (TD to Nelson) on a free play
    • Defense held Packers to zero points; first time in the Rodgers-Era


    • Up-Tempo conflicts with their Ball Control philosophy so they ran into a buzzsaw
    • Wilson never looked comfortable
    • Blocking looked worst in the league; made the Packer DEF look all-worldly
    • Personal doesn't match well with their play-style offensively
    • Defense got gassed and couldn't play at the same high level all game

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