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    Congrats Cougs.

    Huge 4th-down play. Leach playing to win the game, not lose it.

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    alt text

    From Sports Illustrated:

    Seahawks, Trail Blazers and Seattle Sounders owner Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, died on Monday at the age of 65 from complications from a recurrance of his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    Allen's sudden and unexpected death has left a void in ownership within the Pacific Northwest's professional sports teams. As the NFL's Seattle Seahawks try to figure out a plan for franchise ownership following Allen's passing, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo's name has been mentioned as a potential buyer if the team is sold.

    Jerry Jones said:

    One obvious name the league would no doubt be interested in bringing into the fold is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. He’s the world’s wealthiest person, is based in Seattle and the NFL is already in business with him, through its Thursday Night Football streaming partnership with Amazon Prime Video.
    “Someone like that,” Jones said of Bezos, “I’d carry him piggyback to get him to the NFL.”

    Personally I would hate this. I think Jeff Bezos is not the type of guy that would invest in an NFL team (or any sport team) because there's no opportunity to expand or build more from it. It's not an in he needs to speak to the NFL; he's worth $145+ billion so he already has people's attention.

    Also, Bezos is not as civic-minded as Paul Allen; I'm afraid that Bezos would be more like a Howard Schultz and get upset that people don't automatically bend towards his will.

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    If I were to extend anyone, it would only be people who have been on the team for a while:

    • CB Justin Coleman - he's really the only one that fits the bill.
    • DE Frank Clark - Unless he's wow'd by the Seahawks he taking it to the off-season to get Franchise Tagged or gets a long-term deal later. I don't see the value in him getting extended mid-season for financial reasons.
    • LB KJ Wright - Sadly, I think KJ's time will come to end; it's unfair to judge someone who's missed 6 games but that's part of the reason why he won't get extended. He could have an amazing final 10 games and make it really hard for the Seahawks.
    • FS Earl Thomas -
      alt text
    • RB Mike Davis - I think he'll try to get a deal somewhere else if he can continue to show his talent. I don't think he'll want to platoon with Carson and Penny next year.

    For those that have only been with the team this year:

    • OG JR Sweezy - The Seahawks might roll the dice and see if Ethan Pocic can unseat Sweezy at LG in 2019
    • OG Danny Jesus Fluker - I want to resign him but I think it doesn't happen until the offseason.
    • WR Brandon Marshall - Hasn't show much consistency to warrant an extension; the drops are killing his production and the teams.
    • K Seabass -No... get younger at kicker.

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    Last year's 2017's Franchise Tag Values:

    • QB $21,268,000
    • DE $16,934,000
    • WR $15,682,000
    • LB $14,550,000
    • CB $14,212,000
    • DT $13,387,000
    • RB $12,120,000
    • S $10,896,000
    • TE $9,780,000
    • K/P $4,835,000

    He's having a stellar year.

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    Because I think it's worth highlighting, since Allen took over the team in 1997:

    • 1 Superbowl Win (2013)
    • 3 NFC Championships (2005, 2013, & 2014)
    • 3 Seahawks Voted into the Hall of Fame (DT Cortez Kennedy 2012, LT Walter Jones 2014 & S Kenny Easley 2017)
    • 23-All Pro's (LT Jones 4, S Earl Thomas 3, CB Richard Sherman 3, MLB Bobby Wagner 3, LG Steve Hutchinson 2, RB Marshawn Lynch 1, RB Shaun Alexander 1, MLB Lofa Tatupu 1, C Max Unger 1, LB Chad Brown 1, FB Mack Strong 1, DE Patrick Kerney 1, & KR/PR Tyler Lockett 1)
    • 84-Pro Bolwers
    • 9 Division Titles (8 NFC West & 1 AFC West)
    • 12 Playoff Appearances
    • 4 Head Coaches (Dennis Erickson, Mike Holmgren, Jim Mora & Pete Carroll)

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    alt text
    Seahawks PR Tweeted the award:

    In addition to being the NFC Defensive Player of the Week, @Seahawks DE @TheRealFrankC_ is the only player in the NFL with at least 5.0 sacks, four tackles for loss and one interception. #GoHawks

    So this is Frank Clark as each week progresses.

    alt text

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    Per Twitter:

    There has been a plan in place for the Blazers and Seahawks for a couple of years in the event of Paul Allen's death. Paul's sister Jody does not want to own either team according to my sources. So look for both teams to be sold by Allen's estate.

    No clue what this account is or how accurate it is.

    Either way, it's scary to think about the Seahawks without Paul Allen; he was the best owner in all of sports.

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    So sad to hear... One of the highlights was knowing that at every NFC Championship game, Paul Allen was there to raise the 12th Man Flag; 2005, 2013, and 2014. Each time I got misty-eyed seeing him raise the flag and seeing him get emotional with the fans.

    Obviously, Allen is more than just the Seahawks owner but I remember when we signed Mike Holmgren to be our Head Coach/GM and I thought the Lombardi's would just rain down on Seattle. Unfortunately we had a wait a little longer than that but it showed that he knew how to put together a solid team. He wasn't the ego-maniac who had to make sure everyone saw him; something that I really admire.

    Thank you Mr. Allen. This Seahawks fan is eternally grateful.

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    alt text

    alt text

    More Notables

    • Pete is now the Seahawks Coaching Leader in the following areas:
      Total Wins (Playoffs and Regular Season) 91 career wins (8 playoff + 83 regular season)
      Playoff Appearances 12
      Playoff Wins 8
      Tied for NFC West Division Titles 4 (Holmgren has 4 NFC West + 1 AFC West)
      NFC Championships 2
      Superbowl Appearances 2
      Superbowl Wins 1
      Ties 1

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    All the potatoes are shaped like Mel Gibson in Dubai. GMO's

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