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    @veda-the-moor said in #306 Mid-PreSeason 8-22-18:

    We will have a talk about how the running position shakes out. I think I see it differently than a lot of people.


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    Here we go!!!

    Surprise starters:

    • RCB Tre Flowers
    • WR Jaron Brown

    Notable Notes:

    • When a guy with dreads cuts them off, I think of them as a brand new player like RB JD McKissic.
    • Helmet-to-helmet penalties are going to be insane this year.
    • RB Chris Carson looks so good.
    • OL looks competent.

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    @birdfinger said in Pre-Season Game #2 Seahawks @ Chargers:

    No. Not Marcus Smith. I was actually looking to him to significantly contribute. Him and Dion.

    Well, I flunked Football Scouting in 7th grade so..... figures I guess.
    Crazy thing about Marcus Smith is that he's only 26; he was drafted in the 1st round in 2014.

    For the Seahawks to cut him for non-football reasons is pretty alarming.

    Obviously with our Pass Rush so thin, anything that impacts it will get magnified.

    Maybe Green and Martin are really coming on?

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    Notable notes:

    • RB CJ Prosise, WR Brandon Marshall are playing
    • S Dontae Johnson & Maurice Alexander are available to play if no setbacks
    • RB Rashaad Penny is practicing again after his hand surgery (won't travel down to LA)
    • WR Amara Darboh & WR Tyler Lockett will not play in the game
    • CB Bryon Maxwell is uncertain to play
    • WR Doug Baldwin is running again and set for Week 1 of the regular season
    • DE Marcus Smith was released after mutual agreements; dealing with personal issues

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    Camp fodder; it's hard to find guys that are on the street this late into Training Camp to find any gems.

    With the move to a one-day cut from 90 to 53 means it's better to stash guys rather than cut them early.

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    • WR Doug Baldwin has been injured since the first week of camp. He's scheduled to be ready for the Season Opener in Denver.
    • RB Rashaad Penny broke his hand and went to Philly to repair the damage. Of all the bones to break, this is the least impactful as he'll still be able to run and get a chance for walk-thrus. He won't be able to carry/catch/block though.
    • DE Dion Jordan is on the PUP and there's no word on exactly when he'll be back.
    • TE Ed Dickson is still dealing with a non-football injury with no timeline to return.
    • RB CJ Prosise is perpetually injured.
    • OT Jamarco Jones has a high-ankle sprain from the first pre-season game.

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    Happy birthday @Zeb-Stark!!!!

    You are definitely the man!

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    Awesome story @Jesse

    Everyone finds their loves at different points and it's good to hear you finally came around. Better than a Cowboys fans... or a Broncos fan.

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    Hoping to use a new stadium with a short-timeline to build always has me skeptical.

    Big reason why I don't think the NHL will have an arena ready by 2020 for the potential NHL team.

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    @pehawk tweets more:

    Half the country can make that same arguement about CNN or MSNBC

    The difference with all news media (MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, etc.) is that they all have news anchors like traditional stations at ABC, NBC and CBS... the difference is that most of their content is provided by non-journalists like the Maddows, Hannity's, Blitzers, Tappers, Ingrahams, and Anderon's of the world. These networks thrive on viewers not knowing the difference. Like when Oprah got sued for saying that US beef was going to get Mad Cow and all the cattle farmers started rioting. She's not a journalist but people took her words at the absolute truth. Obviously she didn't say anything as stupid/crazy as Jones but she got sued anyway. She won; she was not afforded any additional protections and ended up using it as a way to build her own brand and get new fans. #BarbaraStreisandEffect

    Alex Jones is an entertainer and does not deserve any protection from the 1st Amendment because he's ultimately getting silenced by private businesses. You either believe that businesses have that right or they don't. There is no shades here. It's no different than the NFL dragging its ass with players protesting the during the anthem. You either draw the hard line and say nothing is available or all of it is. Because the second you allow things to drag out, you get assholes on both sides (both good people!) making a case for things one way or the other. Which is the crap that the NFL has opened itself up to.

    Facebook and Google do not want the government to choose what content they get to show on their platforms because they know that a majority of users won't want that toxic shit on their platform; kids (who are the future users) do not care about any of these media people and if that ends up pushing their users away from their platform they have to act.

    The toxic shit is also dependent on who you trust; if you lean right and if you see anyone on the otherside that's going to come off as a lie to you (vice versa on the left).

    Studies have shown that people take years to accept information that ultimately opposes their central belief. If I could prove that you couldn't handle anyone in a picture I posted, it would shatter your world.

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