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    Why is Washington such a progressive state with a regressive tax system? It doesn’t make any sense!

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    Guns shouldn’t have been invented, besides the convenience of making hunting game easy or protecting you from the occasional bear, they haven’t served a beneficial purpose for human existence in 50+ years (aka since conventional farming really caught it’s stride). They serve no purpose in extending human life or minimizing suffering #wokesocietygoals. If (big if) it’s necessary to execute people in society for it to function well, the decision should be one that’s not easily accessible and well... so convenient & brief as far as the physics are concerned. Point. Pull. Squeeze. To delete someone’s life in three simple steps, steps that can be accomplished in a 3 second window of rage or passion, to me seems like we’ve made the act of killing way to convienient.

    Guns have been invented. How do we minimize the damage?

    Questions we need to ask:

    1. access to a gun - if we make guns illegal, is it like smoking pot was before 2013? Cause everyone was just as stoned as they are now. (PNW)

    2. what part of the demographic of gun owners actually have access less/bigger/badder guns when we make gun laws? The dude who goes to safety classes, posts videos on IG and owns a gun safe? Or the redneck w/ the confederate flag on the back of the truck that has a rack from HS wood shop? #peakedearly

    3. the government - is it plausible that it could be corrupted or have I been surfing the web too long? Would a greater population of citizens that own guns stop/slow govemental corruption?

    4. if someone bad gets a gun and robs a bank & every current bank patron owns a gun, do more or less deaths occur at the end of this whole fiasco than if no one had a gun except the robber?

    When I answer these questions I come to the conclusion: it’s going to be easy to get a gun even if the laws are tough, the people who want em will get em, the govement isnt likely to be corrupted but more people w/ guns would slow it down in the unlikely event, & with that many guns, people are likely to fuck up even if that robery is stoped.

    So what do we do?

    Make it so no one can buy an RPG in Walmart but still sell 9mms to people who can pass a background check. The forces of supply and demand will beat out making guns illegal. As it gets more profitable to get guns in the hands of criminals in times or scarcity, more talented people will run to this market because the risk is more worth the reward. At the same time, no regulation at all isn’t an option, I shouldn’t be able to buy a belt fed machine gun all willie nillie.

    I think guns are correlated to a lot of recent acts of terror (duh) but they may not be the causation. Guns provide the ease to kill but not the desire. The desire is what we should be looking to understand and then fix. I would venture to say that understanding mental health would decrease suffering more than squabbling over gun regulation. Let’s stop the motivation to use guns all togeather eh?

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