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    If Jaylon Ferguson wants to improve his draft stock, he's going to have to do it without attending the NFL combine.

    According to, Ferguson's invitation to the combine has been rescinded after a background check on the former Louisiana Tech star showed that he had once been convicted of simple battery. Ferguson's run-in with the law came during his freshman year in college after he was involved in a fight at a local McDonald's.

    A single kerfuffle at a burger joint as a freshman keeping this guy from the Combine, in my opinion, is a travesty. A history of multiple incidents is something I believe should be more what this guideline was intended for. This decision needs to be reviewed and reversed.

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    This new league should really help me get through to the draft. I might even catch a live San Antonio Commander's game. Doubt it but you never know!

    Interesting rules. No Extra points, no kickoffs... screw them darn kickers!!

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    I'm anxious to see what the Hawks do this offseason. I love the offseason. I think we'll get a real good idea about the team as JS sets up the roster before the draft. He likes to have all positions at least addressed in some compacity and with such few picks those decisions will really shape if we'll have a potential Super Bowl team.

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    This is both hilarious and scary. This guy is a damn child.

    What is freaking me out daily is he's demonstrating how far an American President can go without being stopped. Its been 2 years of ridiculousness and he may get off scot free. While the investigation is taking its time necessary or not, He keeps digging deeper.

    Though if a D-POTUS was doing it, he would have been thrown in the gulag the first time his flag pin was upside down.

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    My thing is it depends on how we're gonna use Russ. If we really want to be a run team, and invest in run-blocking O-Line, blocking TE's, and keep trying to make starting WRs out of late round or UFA players then I don't want to have the top paid QB on the team. That investment in that position just doesn't make sense to me.

    If we're going to put the weight of the offense on his shoulders I want to fully invest in both him and all the tools he needs to perform. Invest in o'line and offensive weapons beyond Lockett and an aging Baldwin.

    Right now I don't get the impression that they want to be a balanced offense. They seem to want the run game to do the heavy lifting. Part of my problem is paying Russ top QB money and then focusing on the run seems to be wasting Russ's talents and Seahawks cap that they could be using to upgrade the run game and the defense.

    I'm for paying Russ if they'll make him the focus of the offense. They just need to decide who and what they want to be go all in.

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    Nothing new. Its just 4am and I watched this on TV and got all emotional. I broke when Quem got drafted and the look on Quill's face when he started to cry.

    I know Quill struggled a bit this season and Quem hasn't played much outside of special teams, but this story is amazing. It also made me proud of being a Seahawks fan that they would support the brothers like this. I don't know how their story will end but getting to the NFL was special.

    Go Hawks!

    Youtube Video

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