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    Direct TV raises prices for NFL Sunday Ticket

    Surprise! Ok, not so much,

    I think the NFL got itself into a bit of a situation with Redzone. No commercials is awesome. Non-stop football for 7 hours? Awesome again.. I don't think I've watched a full game on a Sunday straight through that wasn't a Seahawks game in a couple seasons now. I wonder if Redzone is actually taking considerable viewership away from games and the games commercials. If so this move is great for them.

    Jacking up the price will either raise more revenue or piss off people bad enough to cancel service and just... watch the various network games with all the commercials. Win-win.

    But to me they are all just greedy bastards.

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    I can see Kipers flapping head going off arguing some of these rankings.

    And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.:slight_smile:

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    Richard Sherman to be his own agent

    During this slow time before the Seahawks start their offseason moves this is all the kind of news we get. Interesting tidbits like some injury news and some RS opinions.

    Hey... at least its somethin'.

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    @sammyc521 This damn clown.... (deleted angry screed because of its nonsensical keyboard mashing).

    I'm beginning to be fascinated at how far this can all be taken. I really was under the impression that the "checks and balances" and all that would have at least curtailed some of this ridiculousness. (Thank you spellcheck.) Just speaking about the office of the US Presidency around the world now elicits a look on one's face that says " Yeah, WTF is with that guy?" then a small headshake while the mind drifts off to thoughts of underground bunkers.

    Or maybe thats just me.

    (More deleted screed.) I'll just stop now.

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    Luke Wilson Recalls Moments After XLIX

    NSFW for some cursing.

    This is the first I've heard of anyone having a busted hand coming out of that game. A backup D-lineman maybe??

    Sounds like there was, and still is, some residual effects from that damn play. Maybe a good house cleaning of players not fully buying in really is what is needed now.

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    Shaquem has got his combine invite!

    And deservedly so. I wonder who he'll work with, LBs or DBs? Or both? It will be interesting to see if he will run the gauntlet. (If the gauntlet is that drill where players will have to run a straight line while catching passes from the left and the right. At least I think thats what its called??)

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    Seattle PI Mock Draft Roundup: Predicting Seahawks Pick Click through the gallery to see picks.

    As you'd think being this early, the picks are all over the place. O-line, RB, and DB seems to be most popular.

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    Oh how do I put this...

    I, in no way, wish a player harm....

    I'll leave it at that.

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    I feel a bit for the Vikes. Get your butt whipped up on in the NFC Championship then have the team that whipped you come play in the Super Bowl in your home stadium 2 weeks later. Ouch.

    To make it worse, if the fans in Minnesota don't like it, they have to root for the ... Patriots?? Sorry, this is all too much to ask of any enemy of the Seahawks.

    People of Minnesota: I wish you strength during this trying time.*

    *But don't think I haven't forgotten about that whole "Poison Pill" thing.:wink:


    After I posted this, found the following on the Twit machine:

    nannyodeil's avatar
    Nanny O'Deil
    Minnesota has to host Philadelphia and New England after this. That's like your wife telling you "I'm seeing another man... and he's gonna be staying with us in a couple weeks. And he's bringing his drunk brother from Boston. And they're gonna fight in our den." #MINvsPHI


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