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Jags turn down two 1st rounders for Ramsey


    It states in this article that they turned down two 1sts for Ramsey because they were from a team that would be picking in the lower half of the draft.

    Let's just pretend that the Seahawks were that team. What would you add to two 1st rounders to sweeten that deal? All we could do is offer are additional picks, most likely our 2nd rounders, and/or players. Which players would tip the scale?

    My point here is that this price is getting into trading for a franchise quarterback territory. If this asking price is any indication, every single one of the better, playoff caliber teams are in the same boat, and I don't see any of them making an offer that would get the Jags to pull the trigger on a trade.

    Also, would Ramsey even want to play for a non playoff caliber team? If it was just about money I'm sure he would just stay with the Jags and become the highest paid corner in the NFL by which the owner of the Jags said he wants to make him.

    Who has the power here? The Jags by making a deal and shipping him off whether he likes it or not? Or Ramsey, by making it known he wouldn't sign an extension with losing team?

  • What's the Khan thinking? Why would you hold on to a player who doesn't want to play for you?

    Is there a greater conspiracy in the NFL to stop from players dictating what happens?

  • @sammyc521

    I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy but clearly the NFL would like to and probably needs to avoid an NBA situation where the players are deciding fully where they play. It’s not good for the game.

    That said, two “1”s is foolish to turn down for a player that’s going to make himself a pain from here on out.

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