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Game #3 New Orleans Saints (1-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (2-0)

  • Youtube Video

    Location: CenturyLink Field
    Channel: KIRO 7 CBS
    Time: 1:25 PM PST
    Line: 4.5 - Seahawks

  • I am so excited for this game and for the Seahawks to get up to 3-0.

    If we can't take advantage of a Brees-less team the I'll be severely disappointed.

  • Also, Ross and I swapped countries for the next couple of weeks so I'll be trying to wake up on my Monday at 5:25 to watch this game.

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  • First Seahawks series was a bad Seahawk series.

    Then Special Teams failure gives up a punt return for a TD.

    7-0 Saints. 12:06 left 1st Q.

    Good thing you can't win the game in the first quarter!

  • Chris Carson keeps slipping down for lost yardage. So far Hawks O looks pretty bad.

  • Loud at the Link today!! Defense and the 12th man had the Saints offense all discombobulated! Saints forced to punt.

  • TD to Lockett!! Offense got their stuff together for this TD drive.

    7-7 All

  • Our prized punter losing the punter battle to the Saints punter. This will be the second time the saints have pinned us inside the 5. Seahawks have got to at least get this field flipped here.

  • ANOTHER Carson fumble. Saints recover and score.

    14-7 Saints.

    Carson has got to ride the bench. Too many fumbles. Way too many fumbles.

  • Wow... waking up to a 13-7 score where the Saints Offense cant score but their defense and special team does.

    Not encouraging. Carson not looking good.

  • And now Carson gets stopped on 4th down.

    This Saints defense is not bad but bad attempt.

  • And now the defense cracks and gives up the first offensive score to the Saints.

    This game could not be going worse...

    Oh wait, we actually run the offense in the last 30 seconds but run out the clock with 2 timeouts left on the board...

    And we kick the ball to start the 2nd half.

  • Seahawks just seem to not have their shit together offensively.

    Is Pete concussed from getting hit in the face with the football during pregame?? Not calling any timeouts there???

  • I get not calling the time out... but whats the point in running an offense?

    Pete got caught in not knowing that they would bomb the ball for 54-yards to Metcalf.

    It just makes it all look awful in hindsight.

  • So what if I am a Negative Nancy. I just can't watch this anymore. If they comeback I'll watch the highlights. Damn.

  • Can't blame you.

    This game has been ugly and just sad. I feel like the team took for granted that Brees wasn't playing and they just are't bringing the energy. There's no importance coming through the broadcast.

    All the careless mistakes are piling up. Credit their coach for getting the Saint to play with a stunted offense but still a good defense.

  • Finally a drive... but still down 2 scores.

    That failed 4th and 5 where Wilson just misses Lockett for a TD is huge.

    Only 12+ minutes left and I dont see Payton going conservative with the Saints even with Bridgewater at the helm.

  • And now it's a 4th and short... rather than looking to keep it on the ground or give Wilson some space to run they air it out to no one...

    Seahawks are not playing sharp as a team.

  • Looks like Pete just challenged a PI on the defense but due to the law, they can't challenge a "hold" they can only challenge a PI. And since the ball was not in the air, it's going to go unreversed.

  • So the Saints score a TD after the short field from Seattle turning the ball over on downs; and when the Seahawks answer with at meaningless TD, they opt for a PAT instead of a 2-point conversion to keep it a 12-point game instead of an 11-point game?

    The game is over... and I'm literally freaking out over nothing like there's still time left.

  • I'm wondering if the offense would benefit from treating Russ like an elite passer like the Brees, Rodgers, and Peyton Manning teams used to do. Those guys never really had a defense on par with what we are building here. The combination would be lethal.

    It seems like Pete wants Russ to be a compliment to the run game, with the run game being the focus. I'm just saying switching those up may by interesting to see.

    Just thinking out loud.

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