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Tangent but very Seahawks related.. Brock and Salk

  • Well.. bad news for me.. I have to say I love Brock and Salk. I love the pairing, the tone, the atmosphere..everything. I like that its not shock jockey..I like Salk brings some real world realism to the sometimes a bit native PNW audience, and have loved watching those two learn each other.

    So..that daily radio show, which I listen to 11am to 2am nightly is changing to a weekly podcast.

    I understand why the show evolves and why things change but its strangely sad.

    I suspect Jake Heaps is going to get the morning.. and that will be ok but he hasnt grown on me that much yet.

    Thanks to them. Im going to miss them.

  • Heard them make the announcement this morning. Sounds like this is what they want to do so good for them but I'll miss them too.

    If Jake Heaps gets the time slot all won't be lost imo. He seems like a knowledgeable and likable guy.

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  • Definitely a bummer for me as well. Brock and Salk has become a staple of my day-to-day, listening in the morning as I drive to work and wake up in the office with coffee and the regular morning duties. I've always really liked the pairing, plus Lydia Cruz and Boy Howdy, so it's definitely going to be a missed piece of entertainment.

    I'm interested to see how 710 is going to change, what with Groz leaving Bob, Groz and Tom and now Brock and Salk going away. I assume Jake Heaps will land a regular spot/show.... who he gets paired with will be interesting. I think all of the women on 710 do a great job as well, so I wouldn't mind it at all if Stacy Rost or Lydia Cruz gets an opportunity.

    The only thing I don't want? More John Clayton. I personally can't stand him on the radio, but I might be an outlier.

  • More Lydia or Jessimym - smart intelligent and rational sports fans. They're more sports knowledgeable then many other sports personalities.

    John is a great reporter and poor sports host; his specialty is gathering and reporting news and when it comes to his opinion it just seems generic... like you can't pass reporting as opinion on a talk show.

    I've listened to less and less sports radio. I have my issues with both Brock and Salk but wish them well in their new format. Not a surprise they are stepping away from a daily show. Maybe they saw Mitch's success with his podcast and decided to try something new.

    I find Jake Heaps super boring... I'm sure he's very well versed in football and play-schemes but the dude's a bore.

  • I like Lydia and Jessimym but I dont know if they can carry a show. They seem better in support.

    With Brock and Salk it had to be done.. Brock is doing more and more college football stuff , national broadcasts and what not so more and more he was absent from the show anyway. It was getting awkward where fill ins were there more than half the time some weeks. And Salk is going to be the Programming Manager for all 3 channels that are associated and run out of the building so thats a lot of hats to wear.

    They arent perfect, and I think thats what I kind of love about the show. Im a hard core atheist, but I love the underlying values that Brock brings to the show, even when they make me smirk. The world could use a few more Brocks. I love his quarterback cadence influenced speech patterns that I know grate on others, and I love his humility and dorkiness and even his love of the Rocky movies. With Salk, man, I just loved watching that guy evolve. So much a fish out of water when we first arrived..and listening as the show struggled at first as the super Christian Puyallup ex NFL quarterback and the East Coast Jewish baseball guy learned to mesh into a team.. I liked that. There were lessons in that I thought. Watching (listening?) as Salk learned to couch his message so that people in the PNW would still listen to him.. watching the PNW audience learn to accept him as well.. I thought Seattle and Salk were good for each other. When he left for what he thought was his dream job back in Boston I was bummed.. but I thought it was actually another life lesson there too. He crashed and burned it seems there and found out that in the process of adapting to Seattle..he had come to be a Seattlite. Maybe Im over romantisizing it all, but those guys were my connection to the Seahawks and the only sports radio show Ive ever listened to consistently. In their style and personality, they are just a tad bit throw backish.. they feel like when America cared a bit more about manners and people and less about "keeping it real" and whatnot.

    As far as the other stuff..I mostly agree with @sammyc521 .. Jake Heaps is knowledgeable but right now he bores me a bit and is maybe studying Brock too much. He needs to find his voice. I think there is still potential there, he may grow into the job.

    John Clayton? That is a guy who reads his own press clippings. He has GREAT connections and can get the inside scoop...but increasingly that guy doesnt separate his opinions from facts and he really needs to make sure he lets us know which is which.. are you saying that because you KNOW something or is it just how you think things will turn out John??

    I wouldnt mind them bringing in an outside guy again and pairing with Jake, someone who can sort of mentor him. Much as I will miss them, I am happy for Brock and Salk and looking forward to who is up next! Get to the chopper!

  • Emotional good bye by Brock and Salk this morning. Gonna miss the show for sure.

  • Of all the sports show, this is on that seemed to have the farthest reaches.

    Will be interesting to see Danny take over. Is he permanently broadcasting from NYC?

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