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California Fair Pay to Play Bill passes state legislature


    The NCAA on Wednesday said legislation in California aimed at giving college athletes a chance to earn money while in school -- known as the Fair Pay to Play Act -- is harmful and unconstitutional and would "upend the balance" of national competition in college sports.

    The organization's board of governors sent a letter Wednesday to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, asking that the state not pass the bill.

    California's state Senate voted Wednesday to pass the Fair Pay to Play Act with a tally of 39-0. The California State Assembly approved the bill by a 73-0 vote earlier this week. The bill now moves to Newsom, who will have 30 days to decide whether he will sign it into law.

    I'm trying to figure out why it's a bad idea that athletes can keep their scholarship and can be paid for their likeness? Because it takes away power from the NCAA and its conferences? Because it opens itself to more corruption with boasters and the athletes? Because athletes would be able to be paid their potential market value when their likeness is used to sell a product?

    Yes, it disrupts the system but I am okay with that since I think it's a shitty system. Many athletes will not see any money as their sports do not generate any money for their sport... but that doesn't mean their likenesses don't have value nor should these athletes be restricted in their earning potential.

    The NCAA has already threatened to bar all California schools from competition in 2023 when the bill would go into-play.

  • @sammyc521

    It’s awesome that it’s California that passed this. Because if it was Idaho, they’d “lose”. But if the NCAA wants to exclude USC, Stanford, UCLA.. if it thinks losing the Rose Bowl is ok... they’ll quickly realize it’s not.
    And immediately, where will all the best athletes go to play? The one where they get compensated when someone uses their likeness.

    Better start drawing up a new, just system for college athletes and stop pretending 2019 college athletics are amateur in the same sense they were in 1919.

  • The NCAA is a very corrupt organization and they openly allow it. It's no great secret college presidents etc, get paid by bowl committees to commit their school to a certain bowl.

    Amateur sports? LOL! How many thousands of athletes have had phony jobs or their parents having phony jobs to make sure they go to a certain school. Hypocrisy!

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