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non Seahawk week 1 surprises and topics

    1. what happened to the Steelers? They got TROUNCED.

    2. Cousins threw 10 passes in the Vikings win.. a segment of fanhood must be losing their minds.

    3. The Minshew Era started..will it ever end?

    4. Holy cow the end of the Texans Saints game was incredible television.

    5. The Browns were crowned too early apparently.

    What else stood out?

  • I think if the Vikings passed only 10 times in a LOSS fans would have lost their minds!!

    Not really surprises but the injuries. I'm sure there's others but a few of the bigger names that I took note of for various reasons are :

    1. Nick Foles (and because I went to WSU, I'm going to shave my beard just to leave the MINSHEW 'STACHE!),

    2. Raiders 1st round pick John Abrams (just know of him because of Hard Knox. He can't figure out how to pronounce Salmon.)

    3. Tyreek Hill. Signed big contract and I drafted him in an ESPN league. Damnit.

    Even Patrick Mahomes twisted up his ankle but he's dealing with the Madden Curse, right? I'm just hoping the Se.... nope, not gonna even say it. Don't wanna jinx it.

    Football season = Superstition Season

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