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Early impressions..

  • So I watched the game at 5am to 8am and hadnt slept yet..then went to bed at 9am.. woke up at 2pm.. so.. will need to rewatch things but here are my general notes:

    Not sure why people are surprised or dismayed Seattle gave up a ton of completions. Thats what the D is designed to do. There were some break downs that led to longer gains..and a T2 misplay of a ball that should have been an easy defense at least and probably an INT led to a fluke TD.. but despite that stats and impressions.. we gave up 3 points in the second half. 3.

    In year 10 of PCs tenure people still dont seem to understand PC could careless about "starting fast". Instead he has his slow burn plan that needs patience but usually pays off. Go to Metcalf all game, treat Lockett like an afterthought til the second half then when they sleep on him, long touchdown and then what should have been another long gain but he dropped it.

    I mean it wasnt perfect or pretty football.. the pass blocking was awful most of the game, the run blocking wasnt much better. And that was discouraging. I thought we had gotten past that somewhat. Obviously the line problems hurt what they could really do on offense.

    Offense and Defense used really simple schemes and concepts. I dont think the Seahawks were sure what to expect, and without a capable secondary they just want to a scheme putting the best guys on the field, keeping things in front of them, and daring the Bengals to try to play error free football. If they had, they would have won. But its hard to play error free all day. Thats what PC is all about and it worked again today.

    Going forward... T2 has to be replaced. He just cant be our FS in this defense. Hes so seductive in practice. He will take chances, break on balls.. but when its real he seems to get tentative and maybe even nervous. He never makes a big play, rarely makes any except the most obvious play and today he had a really rough day even beyond the TD.

    We had 4 sacks today including a strip sack. But the pressure was somewhat inconsistent, but without Reed and Ansah.. well..dont know what else to expect. Hopefully Ansah is ready next week!

    Going to watch the game again tonight !If I dont fall asleep!

  • Ah. Wanted to add one thing. We held the Bengals to 34 yards rushing. 34. The whole idea was "youre not going to run.. so .. go throw it to Boyd and Ross and we will just see what happens. I bet you make more mistakes than we do." And it was a suckers bet.. because Ross dropped several balls. He had a some great plays. But if he were an efficient receiver today, the Bengals win. In the end, Seahawks forced the Bengals to be one dimensional and trusted themselves to make fewer errors. I liked it.

  • Excellent review. It should be easy to understand fans being surprised or dismayed by a defense that is designed to give up a ton of completions especially without a capable secondary. Getting the opposition to throw the ball into the weakness of the defense is counter intuitive. But thats why Pete gets the big bucks.

    Although I'm not sure I've ever heard Pete say he could, or couldn't, care less about starting fast, it's been painfully obvious year after year his teams don't do it. Even if it leads to losses early in the season. Our best years never had an early season string of victories. Strange for a team that preaches every game being a "Championship Opportunity".

    That T2 play was pathetic and not clearing out his locker and throwing all his things all over Occidental Ave. is a black mark against the Seahawk organization.

    Ahhh..... that felt good to type. But really, I haven't seen that poor of an attempt to do... whatever he was thinking he was going to do.... since playing that "throw the football in the air to a group of people and a whoever catches it gets to throw the ball next" game in grade school. It was always the shortest kid that looked like T2 did. Or the fattest kid. But T2 at least got more height than him.

    Ansah could have played but they were being cautious. Doesn't say much for the whole 1-game "Championship Opportunity" line they like to put out there but it's good to know they don't actually adhere to it. Championships are at the end. You go all out. Anyone that can play, plays. That "each game is a Championship" always sounded a bit phoney. Holding out Ziggy, which was the right thing to do, proves it is.

    Other than that, GO HAWKS!!

  • @Veda-the-Moor said in Early impressions..:

    Not sure why people are surprised or dismayed Seattle gave up a ton of completions. Thats what the D is designed to do.

    Weird stat but supports this point.


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