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Quinton Jefferson!

  • So we have been saying we hope someone emerges.. could it be Jefferson? He had an amazing day today. 2 sacks, at least 2 pass deflections, a few pressures, 4 tackle assists and seemed to be everywhere.

    Clowney had a sack.. and I think the last play will be recorded as a sack for Green.

    Interested to see where the D line goes from here.

  • Jefferson was a Beast today! He had a fantastic game. Overall the d-line had difficulty getting pressure on Dalton. He set a record for completions today and anytime Andy Dalton can set a good record against you, you know you didn't have your best day.

  • I've always liked Jefferson. Problem is he's been hurt too often. At least his first two years.

  • Most impressed by Jefferson.

    My hope is that he's the one that is building towards the future. Maybe it's playing across Clowney (which is what a lot of former teammates were saying - Clowney will get the double-team and you gotta take advantage).

  • I have to watch it again but I dont think Clowney was getting double teamed once.

    Watching Clowney highlights you get the feeling most of his sacks are from athletic plays. He doesnt usually just cleanly beat a tackle. Even his bullrush he often wins the point of attack but at the top of the move doesnt disengage well. Todays sack as well was an athletic play, not a matter of beating his guy.

    But back to Jefferson, he was so active.. if this is a sign of things to come Im pumped and jacked.

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