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Antonio Brown released!

  • So..whats next?

    Why release him I wonder? He was threatening to not play, so put him on the Left Squad list and stop him from going anywhere.

    Where will he go now? Everyone says the Patriots..but I think Dallas might be in play, as well as Baltimore. MAYBE even, I dare say, Seattle.

  • No thank you.

    I want nothing to do with his drama. I think he's a great player but I dont see the cost-bennetfit ratio being positive.

    My guess is he signs with a team that has an almost rookie QB.

  • The problem with him coming to Seattle is he won't play unless he has guaranteed money. I don't think Seattle will go that far with him.

    If he does come to Seattle, I think he'll be the biggest challenge Pete has ever had.

  • AB and RW.png

  • How about Buffalo? THey are weak at WR..but would he go there?

    He loves Russ' arm... hmm

  • The Bills have a gunslinger in Josh Allen but, yeah, its freakin' Buffalo. I don't think he would go unless its big money and he's got limited options.

    Its tough to predict where he could go. Patriots and Seahawks both take chances on players with red flags. Other than those teams I have no clue who would have the cap room and who would meet AB's requirements. I wonder if he just sits until he gets the big contract he's looking for?

  • Adam Schefter tweeted:

    Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patriots, per source.

    I don't believe he can play for the Pats until week 2 though.

  • Per AB's twitter:
    alt text

    LFG #GodsPlan

  • So Pats sign AB so everyone considers it a genius move but you know if anyone else signed him they'd be chastised for bringing in such a "troubled" player.

  • 100% because the Pats are immune to the drama; they can win under every condition.

  • Can you imagine if AB tries to pull crap with Brady as he did with BBen? LOL! There's the door kid.

  • Russell Wilson tried to get Pete and John to bring Antonio Brown to Seattle

    Antonio Brown sought advice from social media consultants on how he could accelerate his release from the Raiders, accoring to @mortreport.
    9:42am · 8 Sep 2019 · Twitter for Android

  • I feel vindicated in thinking we should have at least considered it. I mean, its not just getting means the Pats dont. And now the Pats have Gordon, AB, and Edelman..

  • Not at $15M, we dont have the cap for that or the drama that is AB.

    Let's wait until he gets cut in the next 8 days and them well offer a vet minimum contract.

  • Cap room is almost always available if you want it.

    But the Pats may have gone too far this way.. lots of grumbling about how this was done. Probably wont amount to anything but you never know when something is suddenly going to stick.

  • and now the rape / assault charge. No way to evaluate it.. feels credible, but a couple of red flags. The optics are never good when its a civil case not criminal, but that said there are tons of reasons why that might be true.

  • And the plot thickens...

  • The slight red herring to me is if she had two weird experiences with AB, why would she even give him a chance for a third?

  • Really hard to figure out these types of things. May have been a situation that got progressively worse. AB may have been paying her well too. She may have thought she could put up with it but it actually turned violent when the alleged rape happened.

    So many questions yet to answered. I'm hoping a woman wouldn't lie about this kind of thing.

  • Regardless of what happens in the court, don't see the value in adding a AB to the team still.

    We'll see if he sticks in NE.

  • Yea.. those could be sort of warning flags.. but since theyve known each other since student days and the first two incidents were substantially less serious.. I can see the whole "Im sorry..I wont do it again. I will pay you double. I didnt mean it" working a couple times. Certainly his emails dont give the impression he has any respect though.

    I love the theory of law and so on that sprung up out of Greece and Rome.. its foundations and requirements of proof and so on.

    But man, in THESE type of cases its just hard. Its not designed for this type of case that by their very nature are not going to have witnesses and the physical evidence will be open to interpretation. I dont know what justice is in "he said-she said" situations is. In NORMAL life I almost always believe a victim.. but we also know the rich can be a target..

  • The problem is that there will always be bad actors that try to take advantage of people with money which makes it even harder for those who are truly hurt to ever come forward.

    The most interesting thing for the NFL to decide right now with AB is:

    • Did AB collude to get released?
    • Did NE collude to get AB to their team?
    • Will the NFL put AB on the Commissioner's Exempt List to prevent him from playing?
    • Will he get dropped in any of my fantasy leagues?

    What ever happens with this civil trial will carry out through the year and unless he's willing to settle it probably won't go away until next season.

  • And the saga continues, released by the Pats today. One day after Nike ends their endorsement deal with AB.

  • What a shit show...

    The Patriots get no credit for releasing him in my opinion.

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