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Green Bay vs Chicago

  • So.. Green Bay has 3 "3 and outs" so far. And Rodgers looks quite tentative to me. Dislike him but dont want Chicago to start becoming the big new thing so.. go no one!

  • What a snoozer of a game.

    Divisional game, so maybe that familiarity makes the game more competitive/boring than it would have been if it's another team.

    7-3 going into the 4th quarter.

  • I like a defensive game but this didnt seem like that. It seemed a product of there being not enough practice time and salaries being so high that owners are afraid to let their valuable players play in the preseason .. offenses are complex but only digested in "the theory"...

  • It was more of a game of who "sucked less."

    I didn't feel like GB made a ton of defensive plays; Chicago made some nice defensive plays but got nullified by stupid plays.

    One drive, Chicago started o the GB 43 and ended up with a 1st and 40 due to penalties.

  • Ugly game. I'm worried this is what the first couple weeks of the regular season are going to look like if virtually no starters are playing in the preseason games. Curious to see if this will happen in most games this weekend.

    The Bears were particularly awful on offense last night. Can't believe Cohen didn't get a single carry and they called like 45 passing plays. Just dreadful.

  • At the end of the game, I was texting with @aureus , and I kept wishing the Bears would just use Cohen. He was their one true weapon.. but they just wouldnt do it.

    But yea, if this is what offenses are going to look like its just going to be one more reason people are slowly looking for alternatives. It wasnt just the offense, it was the number of penalties and type of penalties. There will be a market soon for a bit more of old school football, involving less money so theres no reason not to practice so the teams look professional from the beginning. This game more than anything made me curious what the XFL is going to look like.

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