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By position group... how good are we?

  • Ok.. here is an interesting exercise I heard on the radio last night my time.

    By position group.. how good are we?

    5.Super Bowl quality.
    4.Playoff quality.
    3.Solid NFL quality.
    2.Marginal NFL quality.
    1.Sending the XFL resumes.

    In my eyes:

    Quarterback -- Superb Owl.

    RBs -- Playoff quality at least.

    TE -- I think we are solid, but I think outsiders would see us as marginal.

    WRs -- very marginal at the moment.

    OL -- for what WE want to do we are solid. And weve had some trauma lately so I think we are amazed to be this good. Last year I kept talking to other fans who were so excited about our line.. but it wasnt really THAT good. It had become acceptable.


    D Line.. Super Bowl Quality.

    Linebackers .. Super Bowl Quality.

    DBs.. on the whole, marginal NFL.

    Special Teams..

    Playoff quality but I worry about a sophomore slump from Dickson.

    I thought it was interesting that when the Seahawks were doing their fancy roster tricks this week they released Jaron Brown..nominally our WR2 at the time.. and NO ONE picked him up. So..take from that what you will...

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