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First Depth Chart Released

  • From Condotta,

    Bob Condotta @bcondotta
    And I should clarify, by official I just mean this is produced by the team’s PR staff. This isn’t the coach’s version. But it’s as official as anything that will be made public.

    Depth chart.jpg

  • Superb Owl.

  • @JGfromtheNW said in First Depth Chart Released:

    Superb Owl.

    I mean... at a minimum this puts us in Divisional winners which puts us in a better place to win and a Superb Owl appearance.

  • A couple of interesting things here. One, I wish theyd mark slot receiver and Nickelback as separate positions because the slot receiver isnt necessarily the first guy backing up the X or Y receivers and same on Defense. Also, Brown was treated as the starter across from Lockett all off season but is no the back up, but on Locketts side..but while Moore is hurt I assume he is back up both. But in 3 WR sets is it Lockett, Metcalf and Brown? Because Ursua would seem to be the right play there. But it could be Brown taking Locketts spot on the outside and Lockett playing from the slot. I guess we will have to wait to see.

    On Defense, Blair is listed as FS not SS. I think we had assumed if Blair had taken a starting role like they wanted him to, it would have been at SS and McDougal moves to FS but maybe not. I like it this way anyway. Interested to see if Amadi can climb the depth chart. And who is the starting Nickel right now? King or Nickerson or Amadi?

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