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  • Clowney will have 8 or 9 sacks.. Ansah as well. And thats fine. There will be pressure.

  • It's a steal. Great job, JS!

  • @Veda-the-Moor I don't know man. He had 9 playing a LB that rushes and plays coverage. Switching to a rush only DE in Seattle, he could have 8-9 in only the home games. After Reed comes back with is ability to flush the QB from the middle Clowney would do nothing but benefit. Clowney is a different kind of freak athlete. It's not crazy to expect and see different kind of numbers than we've seen around here since Michael Sinclair.

    Clowney choose Seattle I'm sure partly because of his friend, but moving to Rush End with a home field advantage like Seattle's, I can't help to think he is trying to maximize his chance to put up big sack numbers for negotiations next off season. A 9 sack season vs. a 15 sack season most likely will earn different paydays. Clowney ain't no fool. It's all about his next contract.

  • Hes a freak athlete, but I havent seen any evidence hes an elite pass rusher. He was playing across from JJ Watt and maxed at 9.5 from a standing position. He will be a full time DE now but hes the 5T, not LEO. So he will have contain responsibilities as well. And overall, I just dont think hes going to suddenly be a 12 sack . I think people are looking at both his and Ansah's numbers a bit optimistically.

    But, as is often the case, I hope Im wrong.

    BEST case I can see 14 from Ansah and 12 from Clowney..

    but reasonable..I see both of them in the 8 or 9 range, 6 from Reed, 5 from Collier, 8 from other linemen all together, 6 to 8 from LBs and DBs for a total of 42-44. My guess!

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