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Updated Predictions , post Preseason Games. QB and RB

  • Well.. a few early cuts have been made. The games have all been played. The practices are done. Is for real. Who made it?

    Lets focus on the QBs and RBs first!

    Orignally I had:


    No changes here:

    Keep: Russell Wilson , Geno Smith

    Cut: Paxton Lynch, JT Barrett

    Lynch has already been cut so there is no suspense here. He briefly made it interesting when Geno had a bad outing week 1 and Lynch played his best game as a pro in week 2 vs the Broncos , but Lynch looked lost in the 4th game and Smith played great.

    Running Backs.

    Running Backs.
    Keep: Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, C.J. Prosise,Travis Homer

    Cut: JD McKissic, Xavier Turner, Bo Scarbrough, Nick Bellore

    What changed: JD McKissic does do some unique things, but I think they will keep Homer over him. Bellore I listed as one of the safest players on the team in week one of TC because the Seahawks want to use formations with a FB and he was the only one. But he didnt make much of an impression ever, and made some mistakes and now I think they will try to use a TE at FB. When they had Bellore line up at TE that didnt work out well either so really, he just didnt do much. So, do they get an FB somewhere else? Keep an extra RB? Xavier Turner has already been cut. Bo showed some sizzle. Maybe more than Homer even. Hard to choose. Carson is probably good for 14 games a year, Penny hasnt shown he can carry the load, Prosise.. I almost feel is conning his way onto the team, and Homer is unproven. Could be room for Bo.

    Way out there possiblity: Prosise could be part of a trade for Clowney, in which case McKissic stays.

  • Rumors out there that both the Texans and the JETS are in the RB market. Could effect things here with who is kept. Prosise being the RB I'm mostly thinking of. Most likely McKissic would stay then.

  • If Prosise is traded I would think McKissic (Prosise Lite, 80% of the talent, 30% of the injuries!) makes it. He still might make it. Its hard to know how radical the Seahawks want to be. Homer and Bo both showed some wiggle.

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