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Disney+ - Launching Nov 12th

  • Quick apology to @Veda-the-Moor who is not getting in on the Disney+ action as it's not going to be released immediately where he lives but for all those who are in the US, I am very excited for this new service.

    Mostly because it caters to the things I really dig; Star Wars, Marvel , Pixar & Disney... probably in that order too.

    Star Wars Content:
    The Mandalorian
    Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries
    Untitled Cassian Andor Series
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series
    All Star Wars Films

    Marvel Content:
    Falcon & the Winter Soldier
    Ms. Marvel
    Moon Knight
    What if.. (an animated series)

    There's a limited sign-up where if you pay for 3-years in advance in a lump-sum, you can save 33% of the price if you sign up for a free D23 account. Otherwise it's $8/mo or you can pay for a full year in advance too.

  • So frustrated. No, I wouldnt really care about the Marvel content..reading that list I dont even know what most of it means. But Im really excited for the Mandalorian, and Im hoping some of the old Star Wars stuff would be available.

  • I wish I had the money right now to throw down on a 3 year subscription. Dirt cheap when you amortize it out. Pretty sure I read that the offer ends Sept. 2, which is fantastic, since my next pay day is the 5th. FML.

  • I took your advice and grabbed the 3 year deal as well.

    I'm definitely most interested in the Star Wars stuff. All 3 of the confirmed live action series have me excited.

    The Marvel stuff looks mostly interesting, some more than others, nothing that really gets me super hype. Maybe Moon Knight and She Hulk more than the others.

    Honestly, I'd pay the full $7.99/mo just for the Star Wars stuff. Hell, I'd probably pay $9.99/mo for it, just don't tell Disney that.

  • Well..Zeb screwed us all. Theres a zero percent chance Disney didnt just monitor that. Way to ruin it for everyone.

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