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Star Wars Movie Titles Ranked

  • Nothing to do with the quality of the movie itself. Rank the movie TITLES. Consider from these 11 titles.. 11 because Im including both titles of 2 movies.

    The pool of titles:

    1. The Phantom Menace
    2. The Clone Wars ** This is supposed to be The Attack of the Clones
    3. Revenge of the Sith

    3a. Star Wars. This was the title. And always will be , for me.
    3b. A New Hope. Because someone felt we had to distinguish..
    4. The Empire Strikes Back
    5a. The Revenge of the Jedi. Got so far as to make posters and teasers with this title .
    5b. The Return of the Jedi. Someone remembered what Yoda said.

    1. The Force Awakens.
    2. The Last jedi.
    3. The Rise of Skywalker

    My ranking with short comments:

    1. The Return of the Jedi. Feels like a sweeping , majestic heroic end to an epic. As it should be.
    2. Star Wars. Simplicity.
    3. The Phantom Menace. Many people hate even this title. I love it and will explain why later.
    4. The Last Jedi. So much promise of drama and tension in that title.
    5. The Empire Strikes Back. Set the tone for the titles and sort of the rules.
    6. The Rise of Skywalker. I like this because I want to know what it means. Luke? Does SKywalker become a synonym for Jedi?
    7. The Force Awakens. Alright.
    8. The Revenge of the Sith. Weve been down this road guys..
      9**. The Attack of the Clones. This is also MEANT to sounds like a 1930s serial radio show episode title..but misses its mark pretty badly. It also encompasses one of the problems of the Prequels.. the Clone Wars were meant to be wars where the CLONES were the bad guys.

    For me, the reason The Phantom Menace is cool is that it does show the only redeeming qualities of the prequels. VERY early in the process George Lucas still had a coherent vision and you can just about see this.

    Its super well known that the dogfighting in the original trilogy was based on WWII dogfights and movies, to the point you can even say the Y Wing is the Hawker Hurricane and the X Wing is the Supermarine Spitfire. So with the prequels Lucas was going to go back a decade from that for inspiration. The 1930s design styles. The Phantom Menace is very much a 1930s serial radio drama episode name. The Naboo fighters and Padme's spaceship all have strong 1930s design elements. Then Lucas lost the plot so to speak and it all went to hell but there was a bit of promise there for about a week in 1997...

  • 1 ) Return of the Jedi - because before the Prequels, Jedis were the coolest.
    2 ) Empire Strikes Back - The Bad Guys win!?!?!
    3) Star Wars - They fight wars in space!
    4 ) The Force Awakens - Made me excited for Star Wars again and this title embodies the return of quality movies.
    5-8 ) the other titles... none really make me feel Star Wars.
    9 ) Attack of the Clones - Clones only attacked for like 10 minutes. I want me title back!

  • ack. I got the title wrong!! Let me go back! hahahha

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