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Foosball 2.o

  • This is the official thread for the Foosball 2.o Fantasy Football league. Of course youre welcome to just talk at yahoo, but for real conversation I find this format better.

    Draft Order is set.. I ended up in the dreaded 7 spot..but I welcome the challenge!

    Draft is Tuesday night for those in the States, and Wednesday in the day for Zach and I.

    Gentlemen...good luck gentlemen. Get your money in so I can start mentally spending in now!

  • Good draft today guys.

    Unlike the last couple years I really dont see any teams I think are going to be easy wins. Should be a great year.

    If people can, please set your Trading Block helps make things more dynamic.

    I posted this at Yahoo, but if people are into a 5 dollar side league with an Auction draft to try it out please let me know!

  • Led by Goff and Cooks having awful days Im going to win in Foosball! I didnt make any particularly noteworthy moves, but just played consistent and got the W! Usually I start slow so Im happy for this W. So far my best move of the season was getting Raven's TE Andrews. Didnt start him this week, but he had a great game and will be trade bait or a valued starter going forward!

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