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Training Camp Day 6

  • No pics from Day 6.. but reports out are encouraging.

    This article highlights Wilson's passing as one of the take aways, but in passing also mentions what EVERYONE is talking about: Russell Wilson has slimmed down again. Im really looking forward to some 2013-esque read options where the option is that he KEEPS it. That is one more reason the running game used to be so dominant..its not all the bad line and Lynch leaving.. a lot of what Lynch got done was because of the threat of Wilson taking off. It wasnt there last year because of the injuries, and wasnt there the year before because Wilson had maybe lost some quickness when he bulked up and also the Seahawks went into "mature" mode in my opinion and didnt want to risk Wilson like that anymore. More and more Im sensing the "eye of the tiger" is back.

  • From your mouth to....

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