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Entering Trade Rumor part of the preseason!

  • Entering Trade Rumor part of the preseason!

    Nice little article about the trade winds blowing around the Seahawks. Just a quick little spin around fan oriented rumors has Ezekiel Elliott to Seattle for a 2 and a 4, Stefon Diggs comin' over from Minny, of course the Clowney speculation...
    Basically our extra 2 is appealing as hell to those that love makin' shizz up!

    So, say we MUST trade one of our 2's next year, who do you want? NFL is your oyster! (Whatever that means.) CALL YOUR SHOT!

    I'll call mine... later. My head is spinning from reading all the internet NFL craziness.

  • @Birdfinger
    Elliot? Hadn’t heard, not interested.

    I’d go for Clowney ..Everton Griffin probably.
    I’d spend some draft capital to improve this year.

  • Elliott is part of the crazy internet swirl going on.

    Also, the big rumor at the moment is a surprising big-time WR is being shopped around. AJ Green to Seattle is in that internet Swirl.

    I can't find anything by any reputable source about ,,, well, anything other than multiple sources saying its talks are active league wide right now. Lombardi thinks something may well happen today somewhere in the NFL.

    Hey, I'm just having fun looking at all the speculation. Some wild takes out there.

    Also, I've seen that Miami may be front runners for Clowney but Clowney is on record saying he won't sign long term with them. So.... its THAT kind of fun I'm diving into until the game starts. LOL

    Also, Alshon Jeffrey to Seattle is a thing out there....

  • I realize all kinds of silly rumors run wild this time of year...but why the heck would we need Elliot? I don't see our run game as a problem. Not to mention the cap hit.

    Can't really see going for Clowney either. FO didn't want to spend big money on #55 why trade for a guy with lesser numbers and arguably less skill sets?

    Not meaning to rain on your parade Bird', I do appreciate your posting stuff.

  • @Lymon Oh please, you're not raining on anything. I was just posting about all the wild rumors while I was looking at them. Elliott? Yeah, uh no please. That was some fans posting. They wanted multiple picks and Lockett. LOL!! Cowboy fans, man....

    Clowney I'm down for. I think we might have paid Clark had circumstances been different. At the time he was our only possible trade commodity to get pics in the draft. Hawks got a lot of players for that trade. Now we have an extra 2 and the current and future cap space. In my view, the planets have kind of aligned to go get Clowney. The only possible obstacles right now is getting the Texans to agree AND if we're a team that Clowney wants to play for long term. He still has a bit of power in these negotiations since he still hasn't signed his franchise tag yet.

  • There were reasons they didnt want to pay Clark, and circumstances. In the case of Clowney youre more covered in a sense..if you dont sign him long term youre going to get back most of what you paid to get him. By playing the game the way they did, Seattle has itself in a potential situation of having Ansah , Clowney and rookie Collier, all instead of having just Frank Clark.

    Seattle has so much ammo next year there are bound to be rumors. Most will be bogus but the Seahawks do like to trade this time of year and we do have a couple of positions we might want to shore up.

    The Texans just lost Lamar Miller to an ACL and Prosise just had an image rehab game..


    Hmm... turns out (if you believe the report) that Clowney would like to play fo the Seahawks and Eagles. Maybe this thing has a chance?

  • I haven't heard if Clowney has signed his tender yet. If he hasn't signed then he's really in charge of where he goes.,,,IMHO

  • Latest Rumor is Texans trying to pry Laramie Tunsil from the Dolphins with Clowney AND a 1st round pick! So far Dolphins not agreeing.

  • Texans can try all the want but Clowney doesnt want to go there. Meanwhile Ifedi is sporting Houston Astro gear all of a sudden on Twitter.. hmm

  • Ifedi is from the Houston area and has always rep'd all Houston teams sans the Texans.

    Him wearing an Astro's hat has been pretty standard for him since his rookie year.

  • But he went jersey..then posted eyes... then we got Clowney. So Im taking it as a win. This time. 🙂

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