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Stranger Things: Season 3

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    Just finished Season 3 of Stranger Things. It started off slow but like the past two season it turns it up to 11 for the final episodes.

    Loved the arc of all the characters; they're growing, they're evolving and they're saving the world... again. The 80's tropes were also toned down in some regards especially since most of the show takes place in a mall.

    Side note: 80's fashion is still awful.

    More world-building with the teaser at the end and I thought that the question they leave the characters with as they dispurse: "We won... but at what cost?"

  • I love this show. Unlike most people I've talked to I think it's gotten better every season. It is so perfectly nostalgic on multiple levels, it's hilarious, really well written and developed characters. Even when they introduce new characters it doesn't take long to fall in love with them. Great use of 80s music and references, especially the pop culture stuff. The use of the Soviets as an ominous small bad to the Mind Flayer big bad. So well paced and beautifully shot, there's just very little about this show I don't love. Easily a top 5 all timer for me.

  • ST3 was my favorite season so far. It doesn't have the magic and charm that ST1 had, but they've done a fantastic job of keeping the kids and the plotlines growing. I was hooked from the first episode with the Billy/Mrs. Wheeler bit, and then ultimately Billy getting flayed. I thought the actor playing Billy absolutely knocked it out of the park.

    It's going to be interesting to see how the show progresses. Minus one terrible episode in ST2, pretty much everything has taken place in or around Hawkins. With Joyce and co. moving out of town, Hop probably in Russian custody, El's powers not recovering after months... things are just going to be different. I wonder how it'll all come together.

  • I have to give credit to the Duffer Brothers for creating new characters that find their place with the OG Group.

    I was pretty luke warm on a few of the character additions in ST2 but I felt by splitting them into 3 different groups looking for their own unique thing they allowed them all to grow really well.

    Some people may not like the drawn-out crawl of the first few episodes but it's great to see the characters be able to "relax" before shit hits the fan. I think the Duffer Brothers did a great job escalating the tension into the final episode. Great cliff hanger.

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