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Preseason Game 2. @ Vikings Thread

  • Youtube Video

    PreSeson Game #2 @ Minnesota Vikings
    Time: 5:00 PM (PST)
    Channel: KCPQ 13 FOX
    Stadium: US Bank Stadium

  • Early reports that DK won't be playing to protect a sore leg.

    Bummer as I waiting to see Russ and DK connect in a real game.

  • Well Jazz is almost DK. Maybe we can see that connection.;)

  • That was a fumble, wasnt it? The RBs knee couldnt have been down, he was face up on top of Ford..

  • I aint even that mad about Theilan's catch. That was a great adjustment and catch.

  • Two things:

    1. Poona is a beast. Should have been an strip-fumble; his knee was not down but I guess they whistled him down with forward progress as Ford was beating him down.
    2. Good challenge for Pete to see what is going to be called OPI during the season. Vet move by Theilan to get that additional separation cause Griffin was with him step-for-step until catch.

  • Dont like the PI on Flowers. Hes clearly playing the ball the whole time and he has a right to the ball. Hes not trying to interfere hes trying to get the ball.You can just stop and make hit you and the PI automatically if hes just trying to catch the ball.

  • Credit Theilan for being a savy vet (code for cheater who plays the rules not the game).

    I don't actually think he's a cheater but you have to credit guys that can sneak those kinds of things. No different than Sherm recovering when Crabtree pushed him on The Tip.

  • Good two series by Wilson. Converted some key 3rd downs, play action was working, avoided any hit behind the LOS and that last missed pass may be due to Carson stumbling out of his cut.

    Now take him out and bubble wrap him.

  • Tedric is so conservative at FS.. man took forever to go TO the runner in that long run.. just waits and waits.. plays deep and deep..

  • Shead.. safety last week. Pick 6 this week. Think he wants to make the team?

  • Harris with ALL the hustle to grab that Jazz fumble. Well done. Get that one tape young man!

  • What does it mean when I see Russell on the sidelines with his helmet on hoping that he's gonna sneak out and play a final drive.

    And now the Viking go for 2 to avoid making it a 1-score game... in preseason.

  • Going for 2 made it a 2 score game making sure it wouldnt go to overtime.

    I thought despite his miscues that Jazz looks like he belongs.

    So.. we need the injury updates to see how this game went.. could have been a major disaster. Blair, Lynch, etc...

  • No real fire from the Hawks in that game.

    Calitro is still maaaaan.

    Paxton hit gave ME a headache.

    Carson runs with authoritahh and I love it.

    Jazz not as Jazzy this time out but I still want him on the team. 2 bigs won't kill us.

    Poona!! Love me some Poona!!

    Trying to relax with Meyers kicking but his kicks seem to more "slip" through the uprights rather than "split" them. (1st world critique but still... after Blair I'm still on edge.

    Do we actually have any TE's under contract or nah?

    I hope all these injury holdouts aren't legit injuries and more just Pete playing it safe. At the same time, Quem needs plays or he gone. (My adopt-a-rookie last season.) I wonder if that Fanatics "Jersey Assurance" is still in effect? Hmmm....

    Oh and DK needing knee surgery is a crappy little tidbit too. Sounds like a cleanup type of thing so he shouldn't be out but a couple weeks but still... it sucks.

  • Calitro made a horrible read on a play..i will give you the specifics later when I rewatch but he was staring flat footed staring the wrong way an entire play..possibly on a qb keeper off the right side.

    Paxton hit was awful..and charles Davis (announcer) so underplayed it, it was weird.

    Jazz I think really looks like he belongs. He had a bad game, no doubt. But it didnt feel like a bad game like "youre out of your depth".. he had a drop on a catchable but not easy ball and fumbled but it wasnt like he didnt have ball security..that guy ripped it out with massive leverage because another guy had Jazz.

    DK is having surgery, Paxton in concussion protocol, Blair having a back injury .. not good but it being his BACK is good new on Blair oddly enough.

    Costly day.. if not for regular season roster then for prep time. DK needs playing time. Same with Blair who had already missed a bunch of time.

  • Rewatching the condensed game and Poona Ford got jobbed by the refs... there was no forward progress. Bullshit non-call; even the announcers couldn't find a reason to overturn the turnover.

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