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Any Hawk fans want Clowney?


    Idea is we give a 2 for Clowney. Sign him long term or get a comp pick (likely a 3) when he leaves. If Texans are down I'm down. Just sayin'.


  • What's his contract like, when does it expire?

  • Ok, I just checked his contract...he's a free agent next year. So for me, no trade.

    For a guy who was picked so high in the draft, he's no big deal. He's yet to have a 10 sack year. Good DE/LB, sure, but not worth a 2nd. IMHO

  • Not a fan of trading for and then having to sign them to a deal.

    I just feel that Norton will have to dial-up the blitz to generate that passrush we will be lacking.

  • I would trade for a second in a heart beat. We have very few dynamic defenders that have you to be accounted for.

    Id use him purely for pass rush. Then unless he loves it in Seattle and seems like he wants to buy in, I let him walk next year. He would net us a 3rd round compensatory pick most likely, 4th at worst.. so lose a 2nd get a 3rd and get Clowney for a year? Yea. I would do that.

    Its why I hate compensatory picks now. THe system is broken.

  • No. For franchise tag money, for one year and has he played a full 16+ games without injury since he came into the league?
    Of course, I may be wrong...again! 😉*

    *I'm married so I'm wrong A LOT!

  • People picture him as always injured because of his first 2 years, but in the past 3 years he has missed 3 games.

    I dont really get the downside. We dont have a pass rush..and we can scheme our way into a pass rush with blitzes, but there is a reason people just dont do that all the time. It leaves you vulnerable.

    9.5 sacks last year. Reed is out 6 games. Collier is a rookie who will miss the preseason. Ansah we dont know when we will have. We have plenty of cap space.

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