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16th Annual Fanatics League (Fantasy Football)

  • My friends and I are starting our 16th year for this fantasy league. We started as an 8-team league and now we are 12-strong with 5 of the original managers still in the league.

    It's always a chore to get our draft order squared away so this year we decided to do an NBA-style Lottery system to determine the draft order.

    We used last year's final standings to determine how many ping-pong balls you would get. For the #1 pick, it was your # of balls against the max total of 78. As each manager got a pick, their remaining balls would not count and it would lower the total.

    alt text

  • @sammyc521 that league seems like a lot of fun. I wish I could have a league where I was in the same city as everyone so we could do cool stuff like live drafts.

  • The best was the message from my friends after the results where I ended up with the #3 pick.

    A few questioned the validity but I look at it this way... why go through all the effort to cheat. Just cheat with no effort and you'll still get the same questions.

  • Erik is the more suspicious one! And John got screwed. lol

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