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Ken Norton with John Clayton speaking about defensive players

  • Basically, he's staying positive about everyone but they all have a lot to learn yet. Sounds like they are gonna put all their eggs in the Poona basket at DT. Also, reading between the lines it sounds like Shaquem, who may not get cut this preseason, may be perilously close to lookin' for a new gig at some point.

    **Personal Note - A while back I had a dream that Shaquem was playing for the Dolphins. It most certainly is less a premonition, but rather just being underwhelmed with reports of his performance with the Seahawks thus far. I hope he finds his niche and quick. In my view, a 2nd contract is nowhere in the cards at this point.

  • I have been really pleased with Ken Norton Jr in his first year as our Defensive Coordinator.

    I hope that he grows better than Kris Richard did over his tenure.

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