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#404 Pre-Season Week 2

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor come back for more as the Seahawks open the 2nd week of the Pre-Season on the road. Wilson was on the sideline for the entire 1st pre-season game for the first time in his career and the 3rd-stringers caused the most damage. What can we expect as the Seahawks travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings?

    Join them live by going to their channel;

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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    I'm so excited for the new podcast season... I figure I'll spend all my time talking about the Wide Receivers.

  • Please don't forget my boy, Jazz.

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    The Seahawks open their pre-season on the road where they face Minnesota Vikings. The Seahawks have signed Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner to very generous extensions but have yet to see any time on the field. Injuries have already started chipping away at some positions opening up opportunities for new players to get more reps. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast!

    Topic #1 What caught your eye at Training Camp?
    Topic #2 Has the extension to the Russell Wilson sped up the demise of the Seahawks?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Which rookie position group has the best fight against @Pehawk?
    Topic #4 Has NFL messed up their suspension policy regarding Jarran Reed?

    Toughest Position Battle
    Over/Under Series 1.5 Russell Wilson
    Over/Under Series 2.5 Bobby Wagner
    Which Seahawks Team Shines Brightest 1st, 2nd or 3rd

  • PE is Roland Deschain? LoL 😆

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