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Training Camp!

  • Its finally that time of year again! Seahawks training camp!

    Like last year I will be attending 6 of the first 7 open practices. I will be live tweeting the practices to the degree its practical, then providing a write up each day of observations, comments, and inevitably a few snarky remarks. Last year's attendance was probably highlighted by first Twitter conflict, with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times over Darboh's fate (ahem..I was right).

    Im looking forward to it again, minus the traffic on 405 on my way there, and ready to look for anything people in particular what me to keep an eye out for!

    Veda Murs TC days: July.25th, 26th, 29th, 30th, August 1st, and 2nd. I will miss the 28th.

  • Looking forward to it, Veda.

  • Bummed I'm missing training camp this year but I'm sure you'll have a blast.

    Looking forward to the offense but the question marks will be all around that DLine.

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    Very cool.

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