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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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    So I just spent 6+ hours at Disneyland with more than half of that time dedicated to Galaxy's Edge; I'm going back tonight because I have reservations for Oga's Cantina. And then I'm going to probably go back on Saturday before I fly home.

    All my reading and video research I find there's two distinct reviews/critiques about GE that fall into two camps; the ones that haven't physically been in GE and the ones that have.

    The ones that haven't been there in-person give GE negative reviews for not having enough, built on the sequel trilogy, not opening more rides than Smuggler's Run or talking about "crowd size."

    All the positive reviews I've seen/read all talk about their actual experience at the new park and while all reviews speak about the issues above none of them are deterrents to GE being a great addition to the park.

    I do believe that 3-6 hours in GE is more than enough to experience everything unless you go with the money trifecta; Oga's, Savi's and Droid Depot (with the last two draining your pockets). In that time you can definitely get a good feel for Batuu and all is has to offer but there's also another layer that I haven't explored yet and that's the Data Pad (Disney's Play App) and how you can interact with the park on a deeper level.

    Also, I got to say "Hi" to Chewie, ran into Rey a couple of times and was told by some FO Stormtroopers to "watch it."

    Everyone I spoke to within GE was having a blast. No one mentioned how they wished Disney did ___ or wished they didn't do _____.

    It was fun talking to the people that had ridden SR multiple times but were often at the mercy of the pilots who didn't know how to steer left/right or up/down.

    Final thoughts having ridden Smuggler's Run three more times (once as gunner and twice and engineer), been to Oga's Cantina and spent a couple more hours in Galaxy's Edge.

    I may just really easy to please but I think about what they've built and how it compares to other parts of Disneyland and I don't think I would ever care what happens in Frontier Land, Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land, etc because I have no interest in staying in those areas and taking the scene in. I am not invested in those lands because my childhood is not based on those movies (even though I grew up with them at the same time as SW).

    I will so go to those areas to ride the attractions but I'm not gonna linger and see what wares they have to offer to try their food/drinks... because I could honestly get most of it at the grocery store. There's nothing special or new about their popcorn, hot dogs or churros.

    GE gives me something new because it's things I know but they're packaged differently. That is all a part of the emmersion of what they've built. I know they're still regular things but they're presented in a new way and given a story that is woven in with the world that they're trying to create.

    I just went to Oga's Cantina and I had a great time. It was a full-on bar and the only thing I wish they would have changed was put some of the Tattoine cantina aliens in the background somewhere.

    I also went back to the droid depot and still resisted the urge to fork over the cash to build one... maybe next trip.

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  • Sounds like you had blast! Thank you for all the pics btw. Very cool of you to share your trip with us.

  • It really does sound like you had a blast, and I will be making it out there this year or next. And I get you not really taking the criticism on board but then there is the inescapable fact that there is an "enthusiasm gap". People like me should be jonesing to go, and Im more of "yea, I want to check it out when I can" feeling right now. So something has gone wrong overall. In the 80s I fantasized over and over about there being a Disneyland type thing for Star Wars...

    That said, it looks beautiful, it has the different layers to interact with and hanging around anywhere where there is a A-Wing parked over there and Stormtroopers walking around has an appeal to me. But I do think its hard to deny it would appeal more to the public at large if there were an animotronic Darth Vader or even Boba Fett about rather than Hondo..

    Dont think I will feel compelled to build a lightsaber..will consider a droid though.

    Just read that the second attraction for it has been delayed.. Kind of a bummer.

    Still, Sammy's experience has warmed me more on Galaxys Edge.

  • See... I wasn't jonesing to go until the opportunity to go down to SoCal for work came up.

    I would never plan a trip to Disneyland for Galaxy's Edge unless it became an issue of convenience so I agree that I would not have gone on my own accord.

    Once I knew I was going and I pre-purchased my Disneyland 2-Day Passes, I was all-in. And I feel that I got the best experience because I did the research and I didn't go in unprepared because there are a lot of things that people would discredit the land because three of the coolest things require you to pay money.

    If you're not Star Wars fan, it's probably not anything you're gonna feel you're missing out on but if you are a fan then you may feel as if you are not getting 100% of the land's completed attractions.

    Savi's Workshop ($200) to build a custom lightsaber from four styles and four Kyber Crystals.
    Droid Depot ($100) to build your own R-Series or BB-Series Astromech with your choice of coloring.
    Oga's Cantina (Free to enter but drinks cost $7+) which is a great venue that feels super-Star Warsy.

  • Awesome write-up, Sammy. I can't wait to check it out and order some cocktails from a galaxy far, far away next time I'm in Cali.

  • Thanks JG. I have some video of my time there that I haven't uploaded yet.

    Maybe some day...

  • You should totally up load it Sammy.. the short one Ive seen is a fun little clip!

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