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  • This is Effin' Insane!!!
    Malik McDowell has a disagreement with the police. I'm sure that y'all know about this but don't know how many have seen the video.
    Youtube Video

  • Seahawks dodged a bullet by cutting this guy... but also shows how dumb it was to draft him in the first place.

  • Good Gravy!!! Did you see how little that cop was compared to Malik? I feel bad for Malik. I'm sure he's been on a downward spiral since his accident. Kid is just out of control now. Or actually he may be in control of the Department of Corrections!

  • Damn!! I gotta give that cop credit, he's got balls.

  • Malik is lucky to be alive. He charged the cop after being tased.. and took the taser.

    I applaud the cops restraint. This is the level of restraint and judgement police should have, but we all know that in the US if the cop had shot him it would have been called justified and I dare say even the public at largely mostly would agree to it.

    Malik is either high or has brain impairment obviously, possibly both. I would guess hes not getting signed because he now tests at something like a 12 year old mental development..which is why the Seahawks and Malik have never disclosed why he cant play.

  • @Veda-the-Moor
    He is very lucky to be alive!!!

  • It's really too bad to see somebody who worked all their life toward a goal, and to actually achieve that goal, only to have it completely destroyed because of an accident. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to keep the rest of your life together after something like that, and it seems he's having a very difficult time doing so. I hope he's eventually able to get the help he needs, if the help he needs even exists.

  • Pretty wild video. Glad the dude didn't end up dead, far too many who "act up" minimally compared to this end up shot. I keep wondering if the Hawks knew about this and it was the final straw in releasing him.

  • I think they know there is brain damage enough to probably effect his learning, decision making skills, and life skills and just think there is no way to have him around. The Cowboys took a sniff and came to the same conclusion.

    Its gotta be so frustrating for all the reasons @Zeb-Stark says plus added on .. maybe he still has that physical ability, but his mental capacity is diminished and maybe diminished to the point that it is.. I mean, he may not be able to understand why he cant play..

    This is so sad and I dont think his family has handled it well..

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