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David Moore: break out candidate??

  • So, a lot of self styled experts in the Twitter verse and Seahawks online are predicting a David Moore break outseason, mostly in the most condescending of fashion.

    Thoughts on that likelihood..?

    Now..yes..there are a lot of targets available with Doug leaving.. and Brown was underwhelming and the other candidates are either rookies or 2nd year players who were on the practice squad or got in 2 games..but....


    I still dont think its going to happen. I read more into his disappearing act than some of the early fluky TD numbers, and although WRs often do take a year, I think between them..the rookies and maybe Reynolds grab the lions share of available targets.

    I think Id go so far as to say I expect Brown to have a bigger chance of growing this year than Brown.

    Am I "sleeping on Brown"?

  • I actually don't see any Seahawk having what the rest of the NFL would consider a "Break Out" season. I'm thinking the O will be the run game complimented by a fleet of receivers with "pedestrian" numbers. Same game plan just new WR's and Lockett. If Coach Pete hasn't turned to feature RW and the passing game yet, I don't believe he'll choose this season with so many WR's of little experience. Also, Coach has a 1000 yard rusher coming back and a 1st round pick to battle with him for playing time.

    I'm seeing some great passing plays happening as they always have but I'm not even sure the Hawks will have a single 1000 yard receiver this season. Lockett and DK will be the main guys and all the rest will be just rotational and replaceable.

  • Thats interesting. I think I see things maybe a little different. I think the pass offense will be utilized and opened up a little more. Not because of the fake analytics or anything like that. I just think last year was year 1 of the new offense.. they established the basics and the identity. Theyve got it back. Now, with Russ in it another year and the OC knowing how to do what he wants while still playing PC ball..I expect a bit more passing. Im almost certain we have a 1000 yard WR in Lockett. Will be so interesting to see how it all shakes out.

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