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David Moore, Jaron Brown..

  • So besides Lockett those guys are running with starters in OTAs. I assume its because of the whole "make the rookies earn it, nothing is assumed" mentality..

    BUT.. do either have a chance to hang on and be a starter in a 3 WR formation? Moore had been demoted all the way to WR4 by the end of last season but has had some good reviews this offseason..

    Brown the Seahawks have repeatedly lamented not using more of last year.

    Do any returning WRs have a chance in the face of a strong rookie class at the position?

  • I think it's sad that I have more faith in the three drafted rookie WRs than in Moore or Brown with how little impact they had at the end of the year.

  • It is really. But in the case of Brown Im wondering how much was just the Seahawks under utilizing him. I dont really have an idea of why Moore just faded out .. Hoping we see something from that and its forces the Seahawks to outrage us in their choice and someone really good gets cut because there are not enough roster spots. If we are in a position where we are releasing players who are looking real good, it will say something about our depth!

  • If we have too many good receivers, farrrrrrrr out!

  • Aside from Lockett and DK, the rest can just battle it out. I'm not real excited about the returning WR's and I want to see what the rookies can do so it's kind of a wash. Darboh is continuously hurt, Reynolds got a bit of buzz going, Brown and Moore are just "meh". Gary Jennings at 6'2" is appealing. I'd like to see Russ with a fleet of big receivers and see what happens. We already know he's good with the the sub 6' guys.

  • One reservation I have about DK is he seems like the kind of pipe dream JS and PC have always chased and its never really worked out. It seems to be something that works better in the theory than in practice. Will see how it meshes. I still contend that 1/3 of his value will stend up being as a decoy. The fact that he cant turn almost helps there. Any time he is split wide I dont know the defense doesnt have to worry about a go or post pattern from him.

    Jaron Brown was decent in the red zone and Reynolds didnt produce when he got in 2 games but Im still holding out hope.

  • I don't believe it is a "fact" that he can't turn. I just don't think PC/JS would draft a one dimensional, straight line runner so high. I am of the belief that he has more talent as a route runner than he put on tape in his college offense.

    But I'll wait to read your Training Camp articles and see if he shows you something you haven't seen from him before. - wink

  • Its a fact he cant turn. I honestly refer to him mentally as the MiG-25. Only mentally because no one else gets the reference.

    Its not just his college film. He can only run the routes called , right? But his cone and shuttle times at the combine probably are what made him fall nearly out of even the SECOND round. He had all the motivation in the world and he IS a hard worker.. but he still couldnt do much with those times. They were blocking TE type numbers, not agile receiver numbers. Then there is the video from OTAs and rookie camp.. extra steps to stop, extra steps to turn..a sort of weird shuffle at the top of a dig route. Hopefully some of it he can learn and improve. But we are looking at a guy who is going to mostly be a post / fly / corner / seam route guy. That doesnt mean he wont be good. You can make a career out of being that guy. I just think that means his production (not his style) will be more Sydney Rice than Jerry Rice.. 60 - 800 - 8?

  • Keep an eye on Jazz Ferguson. 6'5" better'n 230 lbs. and runs a 4.45 40.

  • @BillA said in David Moore, Jaron Brown..:

    Keep an eye on Jazz Ferguson. 6'5" better'n 230 lbs. and runs a 4.45 40.

    Thats a guy i'm hoping will impress. I don't think he'd last a practice squad. He's gotta make the team imo.

  • Its a crowded field..but we do know thats a body type that JS and PC have coveted since they arrived.

    I will be attending 6 of the first 7 training camp days and posting and will be watching the WR position in particular!

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