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Rookie Camp

  • So all the rookies came to town; two of the new WRs didn't get any reps for injury protections (John Urusa & Gary Jennings).

    The LB (Cody Barton & Ben Burr-Kirven) seemed to shine in camp and felt right as ease with the defense. This is not a huge surprised since they were large focal points within their respective defenses.

    LJ Collier looks like a guy that can be that inside/outside but due to practice limitations, no one can actually see how he'd face in live contact.

    DK Metcalf seemed to get the most attention due to the fact he's just so damn big. People seem to be caught up in his 3-cone and shuttle drills from the combine which were poor for an expected 1st round pick. I personally look at his skill set and I'm not lining him up inside or using him on a bunch of double-moves; that reduces his prime skill set which is his speed and size. There is no need for these type of routes if those two aspect can give him the edge.

    Looking forward to the first reps where he gets to catch with Russ.

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