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#403 Post-Draft 5-1-19

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor relive all the trading action from the Seahawks 2019 NFL Draft.

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    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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    The Seahawks complete their 2019 draft with FOUR draft picks to start the week and then a Frank Clark trade plus a series of moves and Pete & John got 11 players out of it. While this 2019 will be very different, there's a strong chance that each of these drafted players will have a chance to compete for a spot on this roster with significant playing time. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast and we are here to say: Not today.

    Topic #1 Did the draft go according to plan or did Seattle make a mistake by moving back so much?
    Topic #2 With drafting 3 WR's, is this the end of Doug Baldwin in Seattle?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - 2019 Seahawks NFL Draft Grades (
    Topic #4 Which of these players has the highest ceiling? Which are you concerned about?

    Before/After DE Ezekiel Ansah signs May 7th
    Most Likely Rookie of the Year
    Most Likely to get Practice Squad'ed
    Most Likely to gain weight before camp
    Most Likely to shine in Rookie Camp
    Most Likely to get the best jersey number

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