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Day 3 Preview!

  • Ok.. the "meat" of the draft is done..the "names" are mostly taken. But its day 3 that teams distinguish themselves. EVERYONE can see that Josh Allen is special (well, except apparently the Giants), but when it comes to the imperfect football players, can you recognize the ones that can excel if you coach them up or put them in a position to succeed?

    Lets preview day 3!

    First up..what big names are left..and why?

    Two safeties that some media types had possibly going in the first are still on the board after 3 rounds: Chauncy Gardner-Johnson and Deionte Thompson. Why did they fall? In the case of Thompson, it was probably the tape: second half of the season his production didnt match his skills. He is an elite athlete with range to make plays from centerfield. Second half of 2018 he didnt make as many as youd expect. If you think that was on him, then he falls. Gardner-Johnson.. honestly, I dont know. Obviously something is spooking someone but if I were the Seahawks Id grab him. Then wed have 2 ball hawking fresh safeties with McDougald as well. From a playmaking perspective that would be ideal.

    Who else fell? A trio of receivers -- Hakeem Butler being the bigger name, but also Kelvin Harmon and Riley Ridley. Butler I just think this is a case of the media evalutating differently than the guys who work for teams, and thats common in this draft at this position especially. Butler has some drop issues and needs better route running. Riley Ridley lacks elite speed and his reason arrest for pot probably explain his drop. Harmon I can only guess its his speed.. 4.6 in the 40 because he can run all the routes smooth, is explosive out of his breaks and wins contested catches.

    Julian Love from Notre Dame was projected as a 2nd rounder and is still available.. and this is probably another example of the power of the 40 time. He lacks elite speed but is good literally everywhere else. Not Seahawk-y, but someone should have had him in the 2nd and he will be a steal for someone in the 4th.

    One other CB I will mention.. Amani Oruwariye . He had a rough Senior Bowl and that has likely cost him. Its a shame as he has all the tools to succeed in the NFL and were it not for the Senior Bowl was a Day 2 pick.

    So.. for the Seahawks.. what do we have left and what are we considering?

    The Seahawks have this remaing:

    in the 4th: 114, 124, and 132
    in the 5th: 142
    and in the 6th: 209

    So far they are continuing the trend of picking everyone except who I have down so this is a futile exerise but lets try it anyway.

    In the 4th I think we are looking at the possibles:

    They still need rush so 1 of the EDGE guys that fits their profile: DAndre Walker, Jalen Jelks. Either of the 2 safeties mentioned earlier if they keep dropping, or CB Isaiah Johnson would help the secondary. Since they like surprises, maybe RB Devine Ozigbo. They need another WR and I would guess these would match up: Gary Jennings, Emanuel Hall plus any of those that are falling from the 2nd.

    In the 5th some possibles: EDGE Maxx Crosby, DL1T Greg Gaines, WR Fulgham

    In the 6th: CB Michael Jackson, RB Tony Pollard or Darwin Thompson, S Andrew Wingard or Evan Worthington. WR Stanley Morgan Jr., and if they want competition at QB , maybe Jake Browning with his new arm. TE Dax Raymond could be in play.

    So those are some names to look for. I think they have to come away with some pass rush, another WR, some support in defensive backfield. With Disslys injury TE depth would be nice and a quarterback to develop would be great.

    One more thing I think I think: look for a 4th to trade down again. JS loves to have a pick in every round. We still missing a 7th and there are a lot of interesting project types or one trick pony types with intriguing tricks in the 6th. I think JS would love to have a couple of darts to throw at those boards.

    Should be an exciting 3rd day, any which way it goes down!

  • Calling my shot. Day 3 WR pick will be Stanley Morgan Jr., Nebraska.

    Route Running –Is at best when afforded a clean release off the line of scrimmage and able to build speed to pressure DBs. Sharp snap off of his route stem to uncover into the field. Has shown flashes of good hand usage to manipulate DBs at contact and establish more space.

    Hands –Softness of the hands is effective, showing full capability to reach and extend to catch the football away from frame. Issues with drops seem to center around playing in traffic and moving onto run after catch opportunities prematurely.

    Contested Catch Ability –Concentration along the boundary is excellent, has flashed numerous strong plays on the ball when not having to worry about pursuit from all angles. Shows good timing on leaps to target under-thrown vertical balls. Does not play with a lot of lower body strength to box out.

    Run After Catch Ability –Scrappy with his free arm, has stiff-armed several tacklers in the open field and made them look foolish trying to bring him down. Field vision is enough to make the first arriving defender miss. Usage on slip screens has developed patience to turn up the field on short passes.

    Football IQ –Impressive development as a receiver, given usage of head, hips and feet to manipulate defenders. Runs a diverse set of routes, including post/slant/comeback/corner/tunnel screens/etc. Has a head for adjusting routes based on defensive leverage and coverage.

    Vertical Receiving –Secondary speed is effective to stack DBs playing in phase and can roll into another gear vs. squatting corners in zone coverage. Ability to key the ball in the air is effective and allows for high point receptions, does well to come back to the football in that regard.

    Change of Direction Skills –Carries speed through breaks effectively, will get longer striding defenders on their heels trying to stay leveraged over-top of him in space. Rolls off of the outside foot on slant/post patterns well. Shifty gearing down after the catch to shake a closing tackler.

    Speed –Rarely caught from behind once given the chance to get up to top speed and open up strides. Initial acceleration off the line can be tempered by a false step at times but is able to shine when given a free run within the first five yards.

    Competitive Toughness –Team leader who plays tough and sets a positive example. Scrappy effort to get out in front of teammates as a blocker. Doesn't consistently shed tackles, particularly when traffic gets around his feet. Physicality on his stem and against press coverage are limiting factors.

    Blocking Ability –Does not have any exceptional level of power or ability to collapse/wash out defensive backs as a blocker but shows a great effort to set his hands and try to ride a defender out of position. Effort is strong.

    I see him as a good possibility to develop into a great WR 3/Slot guy because of his good route running and soft hands.

  • Gathering up some names of guys I'm looking out for:

    Stanley Morgan Jr. WR Nebraska

    Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon

    Alize Mack, TE Notre Dame

    Tony Pollard, RB Memphis

    Devonte Davis, CB Texas

    I'll add here as I research. I know its uber important you all know who I'm looking at.

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