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The Last Mock -- First Round, all picks! Includes the SHOCK Raider Trade!

    1. Arizona Cardinals **new coach ---> Raiders.

    The Raiders move up 3 spots to #1, giving up #4,#27,#35. They get the QB Gruden has wanted.

    The pick:
    QB Kyler Murray

    1. San Francisco 49ers

    The pick:
    EDGE Nick Bosa

    1. New York Jets **new coach

    The pick:
    DL3T Quinnen Williams

    1. Oakland Raiders --> Arizona

    The pick:
    EDGE Josh Allen

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers **new coach

    The pick:
    LB Devin White

    1. New York Giants

    The pick:
    DL3T Ed Oliver

    1. Jacksonville Jaguars

    The pick:
    OT Jawaan Taylor

    1. Detroit Lions --> Cincinatti Bengals Lions send #8, #111 to the Bengals, Bengals send #11, #72

    The Bengals get nervous, move up to take their new coach's preferred QB.
    The pick:
    QB Dwayne Haskins

    1. Buffalo Bills

    The pick:
    OT Andrew Dillard

    1. Denver Broncos **new coach

    Denver knows they are more than a year away and so decide to wait to get their future QB next year.

    The pick:
    LB Devin Bush

    1. Cincinnati Bengals **new coach ==> Lions

    The Lions buy that Sweat's heart is fine, they take him.

    The pick:
    EDGE Montez Sweat

    1. Green Bay Packers **new coach

    Jimmy Graham becomes trade bait.

    The pick:
    TE TJ Hockenson

    1. Miami Dolphins **new coach --> Texans .

    Texans send 23, 54, 161 to get 13, they cant risk losing the last of the top 3 OTs.
    The pick:
    OT Jonah Williams

    1. Atlanta Falcons

    The picks:
    EDGE Brian Burns

    1. Washington Redskins

    Dan Snyder has taken over the draft room and barricaded himself in there or something.. injuries be damned and desperate for a QB or not he gets one of last EDGE rushers, the injured one.

    The pick:
    EDGE Rashan Gary

    1. Carolina Panthers

    The pick:
    WR DK Metcalf

    1. New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns)

    I suspect the Giants trade for Derek Carr, leaving them free to continue to remake their D line.

    The pick:
    EDGE Clelin Ferrell

    1. Minnesota Vikings

    The pick:
    OC Garrett Bradbury

    1. Tennessee Titans

    The pick:
    DL3T Christian Wilkins

    1. Pittsburgh Steelers

    The pick:
    CB Byron Murphy

    1. Seattle Seahawks --> Colts

    Seattle shocks no one and moves back. They pick up #26 and #89.

    The pick:
    DL3T Jeffery Simmons

    1. Baltimore Ravens

    The pick:
    TE Noah Fant

    1. Houston Texans --> Miami Dolphins

    Miami also knows they can get a better QB next year and go with the top CB on their board.

    The pick:
    CB Greedy Williams

    1. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)
      Only one RB is anywhere near a first rounder, and only one team will take him there.
      The team:
      RB Josh Jacobs

    2. Philadelphia Eagles

    The pick:
    S Nasir Adderly

    1. Indianapolis Colts --> Seahawks --> New England

    New England sends 32, 97 to Seattle to solidify their D line for a decade.

    The pick:
    DL1T Dexter Lawrence

    1. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys) --> Arizona

    Scoop is Larry Fitzgerald cant actually play forever.

    The pick:
    WR AJ Brown

    1. Los Angeles Chargers

    The pick:
    DL3T Jerry Tillery

    1. Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City Chiefs) --> Washington

    Snyder sees a QB fall and goes and gets him:

    Seattle sends 29 to Washington, Washington sends 46, 76

    The pick:
    QB Drew Lock

    1. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)

    The pick:
    CB DeAndre Baker

    1. Los Angeles Rams

    The pick:
    DL3T DreMont Jones

    1. New England Patriots --> Seattle --> Panthers

    Seahawks send 32 to Panthers, get 47, 100, the Panthers move up to get Cam some protection before the OTs that can play immediately are all gone.

    OT Kaleb McGary

    So this leaves Seattle no picks at the end of Day 1.

    They have this: 46, 47, 76, 89, 92, 97, 100, 124, 159 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 )

  • If this happens, I won't feel bad for seeing Avengers: Endgame tonight.

    Great stuff Ross.

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