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Marshawn Lynch Retires again; Is he a Hall of Famer?

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    From his first retirement announcement

    Adam Schefter Reports:

    After two seasons playing for his hometown Oakland Raiders, Marshawn Lynch is not planning to play football again, league sources tell ESPN.
    Now, with the three-day draft kicking off Thursday night in Nashville, the Raiders have one more potential need to address: running back.

    Talking to a non-Seahawks fan they don't see how Lynch can get into the Hall of Fame with so many other non-HOF RBs that also have 10k rushing but they don't have the Superbowl ring and they don't have this run:

    Youtube Video

    Or this:

    Youtube Video

    Or this:

    Youtube Video

  • I think Marshawn gets in eventually, but he may have to wait a while and get in on rep a la Cortez Kennedy or as a senior a la Kenny Easley. These media types, beside usually being pretty biased, live and die by statistics, and he just doesn't really have the numbers to get in, I don't think. The Super Bowl obviously helps (a second would have probably solidified it), and his penchant for big, splash plays helps as well, but I don't know if it'll be enough to get him in. I certainly hope he gets in sooner than later, though.

    Ring of Honor?

  • I think he's a lock for the Ring of Honor.

    What's interesting is that I dont think the Seahawks (as an organization) will push these nominations until we are for removed from their playing days.

    This means guys like Kam will probably have to wait until 2030ish.

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