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Quick and Dirty: Keep the picks!

  • If the Seahawks stay at 21 and 29 to get impact players who would you go with?

    I think I go: 21 Jefferey Simmons DT and then 29 CB Rock Ya Sin..

    but I dont love picking there at all. I feel like Im getting the same production as I get at 39/40 like I did in my mock. Gotta trade back!

  • I put this on Twitter; 50% they trade both picks, 40% they trade the 21st pick and use the 29th, & 10% they trade the 29th pick but use the 21st.

    Really, the Seahawks need a QB to fall hard or a stud to fall that wasn't anticipated; that's the value opportunity.

  • If we pick at those spots, I'll say Edge Clelin Ferrell at 21 and Safety Darnell Savage at 29, even though Ferrell probably won't be there at 21 and 29 might be a skosh too early for Savage.

  • I like Ferrell and its way I originally thought we should keep the 21st pick and get Burns or Ferrell. But I dont think Burns will be there anymore and Im starting to hear Ferrell is maybe sort of beat up and has some health issues. Savage at 29 would be cool if youre convinced hes the guy...I still have a crush on Thornhill if I go safety.

  • I'll say Simmons and Campbell. N'keal Harry based on what Pauline is saying is probably safer money but he isnt as special/unique as Campbell. I would be fine with either. A scout compared Simmons to Suh in his prime. If I have to wait a year for that and this team is truly gearing up for 2020/21 then it's a smart pick.

  • I'm one of those that still wants a sexy pick of a WR in the 1st or 2nd. Simmons is super intriguing though. Since I've been on the Hakeem Butler train since the WSU bowl game I would wet myself if our first 2 picks were Butler and Simmons. Neglects the EDGE but with a lower round rookie and maybe Ziggy Ansah or Nick Perry we'll get by. Who knows, maybe we can buy an EDGE rusher from someone with one of next years picks. I think we're doubled up in almost every round but the first.

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