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2019 Seahawk 7 round draft, with Trades. 4/25/19

  • Yesterday we looked at what could happen if the Seahawks just stood pat with their picks and just took players there.

    Today we will look at the more complex version. This is the really complex version to the point I wondered if it was too much, and the trades would be the most trade downs ever but Im not sure its unrealistic..its just one more than their most and this time they have 2 #1s.

    Going in, I had the idea they would use their first #1 pick at 21 to get the best EDGE remaining and trade down with the 29th pick.
    I had in my mind Brian Burns would be there at 21. Hed come down lately and I didnt really think , if he was the 5th best EDGE , that 20% of the draft before the Seahawks had their pick would be EDGE rushers. Today, looking at things again, Ive changed my tune. There are interesting, Moneyballish EDGE guys later and tons of 2nd and 3rd round deals and so Im going for those.

    I will detail the trades first, then discuss the picks with the picks we end up .

    Without further ado...


    1. Pick 21 comes to Seattle and Brian Burns isnt there and theyve decided to pass on Ferrell. The Raiders want to move up to get one of the 2 best TEs in the draft before Baltimore takes him.

    Seattle gives 21, Seattle gets 27 and 99.

    1. PIck 21 comes and now there just isnt value for the players the Seahawks have settled on. Green Bay moves up for a Defensive Lineman, possibly DL1T Dexter Lawrence.

    Seattle gives the 2 picks they just got, (27, 99) and move down a bit with both to get a 4th. (30, 107, 111).

    1. Pick 29 overall, New England moves up to make a New England move: they get DL3T Simmons, who they will let red shirt and next enjoy maybe the best DL from this years draft.

    Seattle gives 29, Seattle gets 32, 134, 205.

    1. The 30th pick comes, exits one thread out of the 1st, trading with the Bucs.

    Seahawks give #30th overall, #124 overall and their 3rd in 2020. They get #39 overall, #70 overall.

    1. Finally, they get completely out of the 1st round.

    Seattle sends 32 to Buffalo and get the 40th, 112rd, and 181st.

    That leaves Seattle with:

    2nd round 39
    2nd round 40
    3rd round 70
    3rd round 92
    4th round 107
    4th round 111
    4th round 112
    4th round 135
    5th round 181
    6th round 205

    Short hand: 2,2,3,3,4,4,4,4,5,6

    With so many trades, the odds any of these picks will be EXACTLY right as the trades wont go exactly that way, but more than having them be exactly my right my goal is to pick the players in the area they could be chosen, the players I believe the Seahawks will be interested in and would benefit them the most.

    Before going into the pics a brief summary of what I see as the "state of the position" so there is context for the picks:

    OL: Looking forward I think theyd like competition at the LG and RT tackle position. They do have some depth coming back but might be looking for value here.

    RB: I think most people consider this position set but they might be overlooking how much Seattle needed Mike Davis last year. He is gone, Seattle uses their backs a lot and Chris Carson doesnt really seem to be a 16 carry a game, 16 games a season type. They will probably look for depth here late in the draft.

    TE: With Dissly coming back they are sort of set here but Dissly's recovery could be a 2 year situation and they also might want a TE who can split out.

    WR: Lots of fans want a WR early.. I just dont think the Seahawks see it that way. And one of the benefits of Russ' style of play is it makes value in WRs who in other systems would be lost in the shuffle.

    QB: If they see a developmental project to compete with Paxton Lynch..and maybe someone who they think they could develop into a guy with some buzz I think they could take someone late.

    EDGE: So apparently there is a hole there now. I dont think they will be able to get one of the super elite top guys but I think they could create that in aggregate or find a guy with some warts who ends up being capable anyway.

    DE: If they can add an alpha player to the group theyd be thrilled but maybe not the top priority. There are some DL5T guys they will take long looks at.

    LB: They are really solid here and have depth, but they seem to think they are overpaying for their SAM, a position more and more marginalized. Theyve hosted a few of these.

    CB: After Justin Coleman was signed away theyve seemingly been looking at corner slots in particular, or hybrids. They tend to take mid and late round CBs and develop them.

    S: Particularly at Free Safety I think they are looking to upgrade. Last year they often had to go Cover 2 as they lacked someone with range and instincts needed to play single high. Once training camp ended T2 disappeared.

    So thats my take on needs. Lets get to the picks!

    Rnd.2, 39th overall. Pick: FS Juan Thornhill. Theyve met with him, had interest for a while and I think JSPC think the FS upgrade would upgrade the defense as a whole.

                       Also considered:  DL5T Zach Allen, SS Taylor Rapp, S Chauncy Gardner-Johnson

    Rnd2, 40th overall. Pick: EDGE Chase Winovich. Not as bendy as the elites but a big tool bag of pass rush techniques. Can be a 3 down defender.

                    Also considered:  as above, plus WR5 Parris Campbell, CB Justin Layne, CB Rock Ya-Sin.

    Rnd.3, 70th overall. Pick: DL5T Charles Omenihu. The most underrated DL in the draft for me. He says hes a bigger Chandler Jones and I agree. This is higher than some have him but he's worth it.

                 Also considered:  EDGE D'Andre Walker, CB Loniie Johnson, WR Emanuel Hall.

    Rnd.3, 92nd overall. Pick: WRS Andy Isabella. With runs on QBs and OL,hopefully he will be here. Not the best known apparently, but can line up anywhere and be a threat. If he is gone, Emanuel Hall .

                 Also considered:  DL3T Khalen Saunders, EDGE Ben Banogu, OG Connor McGovern

    Rnd.4, 107th overall. Pick: OT/OG Nate Davis. Would move to guard in the NFL. Surprising athleticism and very strong. Looks like a Seattle guard.

                 Also considered:  WR Miles Boykin, TE Josh Oliver, OG Michael Jordan, EDGE Christian Miller

    Rnd.4, 111th overall. Pick: TE Kalahe Warring. A TE who can play in the slot, but has tons of experience playing in line. Boxes defenders out , reminds people of Kyle Rudolph.

                Also considered:  EDGE Jalen Jelks, DL3T Daniel Wise,  OT Tytus Howard

    Rnd.4, 112th overall. Pick: EDGE Maxx Crosby. This is a bit early, but dont want to lose him. Double dip on the EDGE, ensures a rotation and that at least one works out hopefully!

                Also considered:  (as above)

    Rnd.4, 134th overall. Pick: DL1T Greg Gaines. Possibly a bit early but this position is a bit lacking this year, and Greg has earned a very positive rep.

                 Also considered:  WR Darius Slayton, OT Max Scharping

    Rnd.5, 181st overall. Pick: CB Isaiah Johnson. I have him rated in this area but some have him considerably higher or lower, there is no consensus. Freak athlete, youre choosing potential here.

              Also considered:  WR Greg Jennings, RB Devine Ozigbe, CB Michael Jasckson, RB Myles Gaskin

    Rnd.6, 205th overall. PIck: TE/FB Trevon Wesco. Seattle sometimes likes to use a FB and this would be an upgrade.

            Also considered:  OT William Sweet, QB Jake Browning.

    And thats that!

    1. Juan Thornbill FS
    2. Chase Winovich EDGE
    3. Charles Omehihu DL5T
    4. Andy Isabela WRS
    5. Nate Davis OG
    6. Kalahe Warring TE
    7. Maxx Crosby EDGE
    8. Greg Gaines, DL1T
    9. Isaiah Johnson, CB
    10. Trevon Wesco TE/FB

    I found myself wanting more picks late.. it could be the Seahawks more more. Or they could use next years picks to move up more this year, to get more impactful player.

    Overall I dont love how this turned out but feel its a decent haul. I feel in this case they would move down further to get more picks even in late rounds.

    Biggest regret: Just couldnt work out a way to get Justin Layne, really high on him but couldnt find the right trade situation to get him. The late and middle rounds have lots of ineresting players.. some hard choices!

    Fun exercise and I welcome feedback! Go Hawks!

  • Great read.

    I am of the mindset (as is most of the Seahawks world) that Pete/John will work to turn their 5 picks into even more picks... likely turning their two 1st-round picks into 5+ picks picking up an 2nd and 3rd plus many late picks 5th-7th.

    I don't know about college players because I've soured on the governing body but love the idea of a defensive focus draft. I think that aligns really well with what Pete and John want to do this offseason.

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