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Avengers: Endgame

  • I bought tickets to a Thursday night show; I'm going with my brother.

    I'm very excited for this movie as I do consider myself a comic book fan and I think that Infinity War was excellent. I am also vetting this movie for my son who has binged through almost the entire MCU to get up to speed for Infinity War and now Endgame.

    Knowing the comics, there is a path to bring everyone back (there's already a Spider-Man: Far from Home that may take place before Infinity War... maybe) but it also marks the likely end for some of Marvel's core heroes in Captain America, Iron Man, Bruce Banner/The Hulk and maybe even Thor.

    We know there are sequels coming put; Spider-Man (this summer), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (with James Gunn), Black Panther, Captain Marvel and another Thor (with Taika and Chris Hemsworth).

  • I'm pretty excited for this, although maybe not as much as I was before Star Wars Celebration and Game of Thrones return. There's just too much to be excited about right now haha. That said, I'm going Thursday night, IMAX 3D, 6pm, and I am absolutely ready to just enjoy myself for 3 hours. I'm not even worried about theories of what could happen, who's gonna win it and how, I'm just looking forward to enjoying the moment. And looking forward to talking about it with you @sammyc521 afterwards!

  • So far, I've avoided all spoilers and only seen titles of articles that talk about the movie.

    But the titles that I have seen is that it's a fulfilling end to a 20+ movie saga.

    Of course once I see the movie once, I'll binge on all the articles and videos that I've saved to help me enjoy it all over again.

    I'll make sure to text you when I'm done Zeb to get your verdict.

  • I shall await your text with great anticipation.

  • Dont know what to say.

    Go see Avengers Endgame.

  • How would you compare it Weekend at Bernies’?

  • Worth 1,000 Bernies.

  • A really good movie and a fitting "end" to the saga. Although it didn't have the benefit of the freedom that Infinity War had, it still did a pretty good job of being not totally predictable, and managed to be incomparably epic yet satisfyingly emotional. Can't wait to see it again.

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